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Sweet Dreams

Sleep gives your body the opportunity to rest by eliminating the fatigue of the day and prepares it for the beginning of the next, so your sleep should be good and of good quality. Dreaming of a restful night? … Time to experience it!

A warm bath always helps to relax and eliminate the tension and worries of the day.

Sit in a dimly lit room, relax and try to empty your mind of all bad thoughts. Dim lighting helps your body produce more melotonin, which makes you sleepy.

Avoid coffee, tea and anything else stimulating in the afternoon.

Very important for a good sleep is choosing the right mattress, depending on your needs and what relaxes you... Hard-Soft the choice is yours!

In order to sleep you don't have to worry about your next day. Picture a nice scene... when you think about positive images in detail you help your mind to distract itself from other thoughts.

See is also quite relaxing. Of course, everyone is different, but the endorphins we produce during it tend to induce good sleep in most people.

A novel is also completely soothing. It calms your mind and distracts you from other things that fill your head.

Choose to sleep in something comfortable, made of light fabric that makes you feel good about yourself and at the same time feminine and sexy, such as a nice babydoll that you will find in our wide range.

Also a sleep mask can help quite a bit by blocking light from getting into your eyes.

Don't forget that a good night's sleep not only rests your body, it also helps your face look more rested and fresher.

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