The online store e-string (under the name E-STRING.GR Danigeli Maria, VAT number 073811803 and GEMI number 139193103000 ) is a different and unique in the type of e-shop, which loves the female gender and wants to offer to each woman, the possibility to highlight her feminine side, without limitations. After all, for us women are the really powerful sex.

Dynamic, independent and modern.

H huge variety of underwear that you will find in our online store, make up one completed people senses , comfort and incomparable aesthetics .

Made with higher quality , they are the allies of all women, who want to do more spicy and interesting , their daily life.

What makes us stand out

The e-string wants to give the possibility to every woman, yes enjoy her sexuality her and to feel nicely and full self confidence for her body. That's why he urges her to express her femininity, through a special and a lot particular variety of underwear.

A few words about the course of the company

Our company has one rich and fruitful history, as it exists and is active in the field of trade, since 1998 . Our headquarters are located at Agios Stefanos Attica, at the address 26 Konstantinoupoleos .

Considering them constantly increasing consumer demands for quick, easy and mostly reliable markets, we made the decision to open it 2012 , our online store, with the object of trading underwear , swimsuit , clothes and clothing accessories .

Products that meet the modern demands of a woman

The e-string perceives the daily dreams and them every woman's fantasies and then makes them happen reality . So, it is able to offer one special and refined style, which meets the needs of all women. Regardless of him body type and the their staff style .

The ingredients of our success

The successful one combination of products high quality , of of romance , but also of imagination , has managed to win the buying public and gift us loyal consumers.

Our goal is your own needs

The our collections offer an approach, which is more refined and receptive , on modern needs of a woman. THE main target of our company, is to offer it best possible relationship between products and price so that it can every woman to benefit from our quality and prices.

Our purpose is to always be there one step ahead from market needs and continue to we stand out for her high quality and aesthetics of our products, but also for the excellent service .

We pride ourselves on receiving always consider them preferences and the needs of our customers and this is the reason, that we are constantly renewing it range of our products, enriching our collections with news and exciting products.

Welcome to an unprecedented and different experience.
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