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Sexy Underwear & Colors
I don't want the green ones, nor the beige ones, I don't want the same ones you wore yesterday, I don't want the red ones, nor the pink ones, you know how I'm dying with your dirty black underwear that brings me closer to you.
This is what Karvelas was singing and he was rousing the crowds! But what is the truth about underwear colors? Do they mean something or are they just preferences of each woman?
The color of your sexy underwear
Even if others can't see the color of the underwear we wear, it still plays an important role in our everyday life! And even more importantly, in our mood and energy! Since ancient times, people have realized the power of colors and their ability to influence emotional, biological, social and political factors. But let's get back to underwear and how we choose the ideal colors for our underwear.
Black is for dynamic women. For the woman who has a strong personality, who is not afraid to try new things and is open to new ideas and challenges.
The color white indicates that a woman is innocent and willing to learn new things with her partner.
The color red reveals a femme fatale. A woman with a fiery personality, who is active and passionate. The woman who chooses to wear red underwear is confident and wants to be noticed, wants to impress, wants to provoke and definitely knows what she wants, in general!
The color pink reveals a touch of romance and affection. The woman who chooses it desires a close contact with her partner. It shows that she is emotional, feminine and will probably let her partner take control of the situation.
Warm colors like orange and yellow are very interesting choices. The woman who prefers them wants to arouse strong emotions in others, raise the pulse and arouse the senses.
Transparent underwear shows that the woman is quite relaxed and comfortable with her body. Usually the women who choose them have nothing to hide!
Of course, sometimes the color of underwear is based purely on the design, fabric and preferences of each woman at the time of purchase. At we offer a wide range of colors, suitable for every woman and every style, but of course also to combine them with every outfit! Discover everything exclusively here!