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You, Your Swimsuit, and the Sea: A Guide to the Perfect Match!

You, Your Swimsuit, and the Sea: A Guide to the Perfect Match!

You, Your Swimsuit, and the Sea: A Guide to the Perfect Match!

You heard, you heard! It's time to fly away from mundane reality and dive in in the cool waters of swimwear fashion ! You know, those magical pieces of fabric that have the incredible power to bring out your beauty and give you confidence in the beach!

Whether you are the girl who loves minis and sexy, or the woman who prefers elegance and comfort, there is the perfect swimsuit for you! Let's take a look at the most popular body types and let's see which swimwear suits them perfectly. After all, the 1st and most important step is to get to know your body to decide what suits you!

1. Pear Body Type:

Do you have full hips and a slimmer top? You are the sexiest thing around ! We suggest you choose a swimsuit with a high-waisted bottom to show your legs further and emphasize your waist. It would be best to avoid the Tiny bottoms or the shorts that will emphasize your hips even more.

Tip: Wear a top with bright colors or patterns to draw attention to your upper body. And cleverly create a distraction.

2. Apple Body Type:

Do you have a round chest and tummy? Don't worry, you are beautiful and extra cute ! The best for you is to choose a tankini or one-piece swimsuit with a built-in bra to provide support and emphasize your chest! Swimwear with cut-outs on the belly or high-waisted bottoms are not an ideal choice for you, as they will emphasize your tummy even more, something we want to avoid.

Tip: She wore a long pareo or a kaftan to cover your weak spots in style!

3. Hourglass body type:

You have curves in all the right places? We love your body type and you are in the right article to love him too! Best choices: Bandeau swimsuit or more commonly known as strapless & halter swimwear with a drawstring around the neck for support. In this way you will be able to emphasize your rich breasts! It is better not to choose Swimwear with a very high neckline or closed designs that will hide your curves.

Tip: Wear a swimsuit with brightly colored patterns to show off your perfect proportions.

4. Athletic Body Type:

Are you slim and fit? You are one of the lucky ones, as every swimsuit suits you ! Swimwear with cut-outs or asymmetrical designs are the best to add interest and sexy touches in your outfit for the beach! Better to stay away from Swimwear with a very loose fit, because that way it will get lost on your body. Take a look at the Sports Swimwear and gave us ideas!

Tip: Choose a swimsuit with bright or neon colors shades to highlight your sporty style!

We should not forget:

Color plays an important role! Try flattering colors your skin and make you feel radiant. Prints and patterns they can give a playful touch in your appearance and create an interest in your whole look! Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and find what suits you perfectly!

And remember: The most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident about yourself ! The perfect swimsuit is what makes you shine and exude confidence!

Take a ride on the E-string now and discover our collection of Bikini Swimwear & in One Piece Swimsuit that will enchant you!

Order today and receive immediately with the Box Now service !

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