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Contact Hours: (M-F 9:00-20:00 / Sat. 9:00-15:00)

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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Sexy underwear: The must-have for every woman!

Sexy underwear: The must-have for every woman!

Sexy underwear: The must-have for every woman!

Girls, let's face it: sexy underwear they are essential for every woman!

Why; Because they make us feel wonderful, desirable and ready for war! We love sexy lingerie as they boost confidence, highlight femininity and give a sense of playful power which is imposed on the male audience and they are all in line with it!

And who doesn't want to feel that way anyway?

At E-string , we know the power of a nice set of underwear.

That's why we offer an amazing range of sexy lingerie for every woman, every style and every occasion! Always with neat pieces that give comfort, made of high quality materials that hug the body and give a touch of playful luxury in your underwear outfit!

Where to start?

For romantic souls : Dive into a sea of ​​lace and ribbons with our romantic bras and briefs! In our Romantic Lingerie category you will find countless options to impress your partner and also feel yourself!

For sexy lovers : Discover our seductive push-up bras , thongs bikinis and babydolls that will make you feel like another femme fatale . No one lost with these Top choices, neither in appearance nor in bed!

For the playful ones : It's time to unfold! Let your sensual side shine with our playful underwear made of leather, vinyl and mesh! Set your night on fire and dare like never before! Take a walk through the category with sexy accessories us. We are sure that you will find many options that will interest you!

For every day: Incorporate sexy into your everyday life ! Comfortable and sexy underwear for every day, from invisible briefs to bras that hug your body. Because feeling sexy every day boosts your mood , but also doesn't let your relationship get boring!

And of course, we don't forget the swimwear!

On the E-string you will find a collection of women's swimwear that will show you off on the beach, from classic bikinis up to modern tankinis and cut-outs.

Why choose E-string?

Variety : We offer you a huge range of sexy lingerie and swimwear to find the ones that perfectly suit your style and needs.

Quality: Sexy lingerie and gorgeous swimwear from only the highest quality materials that ensure our lingerie is comfortable, durable and perfectly fitted.

Affordable prices: We believe that femininity should not come at a price . That's why we offer sexy lingerie and swimwear at affordable prices for all women.

Customer service: Our team is here to help you discover perfect underwear!

Don't wait any longer! Navigate to E-string today and discover the power of sexy underwear!

Order today and receive immediately with the Box Now service !

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