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Tips to put right red lipstick

Κόκκινο κραγιόν

Which woman does not like red lipstick. If properly spread on your lips, the result is dazzling. You will be able to read tips on putting right red lipstick sexy performances.

Before applying red lipstick lips put a little lip balm to moisturize. It is a must for dry and chapped lips, otherwise the paint will not keep lips. Once seated dab with a tissue for better result.

Another morning another night
Although red lipstick adds femininity, but must be worn and proper hour days. For your morning appearances chose a red textured matte. In the evening you can become bolder about it preferred more intense shades with full texture that will show off. If you have thin lips avoided the deep red as her lips seem so even smaller.

Red lipstick wants very correct outline in pencil or close to the color of your lips or the same shade of lipstick you selected. In any case do not make the mistake grow your lips, to go out that outside the physical limits of your lips with the pencil. To keep you even more to "fill" the inside of the frame you made with the pencil lip.

From theory to practice
Stretch your lipstick as evenly as you can. Use a brush better, otherwise you start to spread apart from the center of your lips. Do not be afraid to become more daring and stretch the second time. Do not forget that the protagonists are your lips.

Do not play with your eyes
Red lipstick lips make itself more intense makeup. Since we have intended to highlight the lips do not overdo the eye makeup because the whole set will be excessive. Choose a light or neutral eye shadow on the upper eyelid and 1-2 layers of mascara.

Extra shine
For a more glamorous look, you can add more than a transparent lipgloss lipstick. Otherwise, after application dab with a tissue and put out the shine.

Finally, take your concealer or powder and dab over the lipstick to erase and hide imperfections.

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