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Holidays Pharmacy

Φαρμακείο Διακοπών

Everything is ready, swimsuit, pantsunderwear and mood for holidays. Summer holidays come once a year - and if - it is sacred, but perhaps forgotten something? And of course! The pharmacy holiday. An essential component to find you on the beach and not in deserted streets looking clinics and doctors koiloponontas at 2 am. So it would be good to leave space in your suitcase for a complete holiday pharmacy.

A mini pharmacy should therefore necessarily includes the essential accessories of travel. And certainly should contain:

  • Simple bandages

  • Gauze.

  • Disposable gloves

  • Peroxide for cleaning wounds

  • Iodide solution for disinfection

  • Thermometer, antipyretic, pain reliever

  • Ointment, spray or ammonia stick bites

  • antipyretics and analgesics

  • a cream with panthenol

  • antacids for your stomach

  • moisturizing ointment

  • Normal saline

  • Formulation antinauseants (dramamini).

  • Cortisone injection for allergic persons .. For minor local allergies should be a cortisone ointment.

Finally, if someone is suffering from a chronic illness must have with him the appropriate medications of the physician has given him.

The pharmacy should:

  • Be installed away from heat sources (eg radiators)
  • Being located in a cool place where humidity is not much (swimming, for example, is probably the best choice)
  • If at home or in a rented space there are small children, we must exclude them access to it.
  • In the door inner surface good to have a list of different types containing our pharmacy.

Luck is an abstract concept which can not rely on. Instead, the holiday pharmacy is something tangible, which is helpful in emergencies and will save your vacation from the debacle. Organize with the basics and ... bon voyage

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