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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Stylish dives with the hottest plus size swimwear

Stylish dives with the hottest plus size swimwear


Summer belongs to all women regardless of their age or body type!

Since the temperature has already risen, maybe it's time to start looking for the swimsuit - or swimsuits, because one is never enough - that will accompany you on your vacation this year ? , with respect for the uniqueness and beauty of each individual woman, chooses to always have in its rich collection of swimwear that cover the needs of every woman without exception!

Let's discover together some of the top women's plus size swimwear in the collection!

Feel comfortable in a one piece swimsuit


The " myth " that women who have more kilos in any part of their body should prefer full bodies swimwear is a myth. One-piece swimsuits in small or large sizes , like any type of swimwear, should be chosen based on what makes each woman feel comfortable .

So, if you feel better in a one-piece swimsuit, in our collection you can look for the ideal for your personal style from a rich collection of sentences. Solid color or printed and in fancy colors for the summer, in a more modest design or with special ones details , such as Lorin's sexy burgundy bodysuit laces on the chest and open back _

Get a perfect bikini tan


The bikini is identified with the summer holidays, that's why the e-string has made sure to have it in the super collection of bikinis for juicy women with curves , large chest or a little more belly .

So, to get the best possible tan , forget the full-body swimsuit and get the ideal monochrome bikini in your favorite summer color or prefer a vivid one print that will rock the beach!

Lorin is one of the brands that practically shows its love to every woman . The proof is huge variety of proposals from which you can also get your favorite, such as black with girly ones pink details in the chest .

Try a flattering tankini


The tankini it has been made especially for you who want the comfort of a full body, but with the independence of a bikini. In our collection, you can also look for the tankini that you will put in your holiday suitcase this year. Find the pattern that suits you and benefit from the perfect one application , but also the flawless its design .

Shop today for flattering plus size one-piece, bikini or tankini swimwear, promising the best beach looks for summer 2022! Economical and stylish proposals, in a variety of colors and designs for every age and every body type, await you here.

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