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The micro bikini is the answer to this summer

The micro bikini is the answer to this summer


THE temperature he's got has been going up for days and most of us are already thinking about our summer holidays . Sleep, rest, leisurely walks, but also endless swimming and sunbathing .

You'd be lying if you said you weren't in that category, so keep reading. Here you will find fantastic ones suggestions for the absolute trend of every summer, which is none other than the bikini !

At we always make sure to keep up to date with the current trends in swimwear and especially the bikini, which never goes out of fashion. Explore our collection of cheap and stylish swimwear , to discover the one - or those - that will accompany your vacation this year.


The bikini may still be all the rage every summer, but that in no way means it has to stay fixed in the form we've come to know or think we know. The last one trend is the micro bikini, that is, the tiny bikini swimsuit and it doesn't look like it's saying goodbye anytime soon.

Shall we meet its monochrome version?

Classy black


There is a summer women's wardrobe that does not have at least one bikini in black color ?

Probably not!

And this is because black is not only the most classic color there is, but in the case of the bikini it is the ultimate color for fantastic mix and matches .

If you haven't already done so, this year choose a micro bikini in black, like the one from Obsessive , keep the top or the bottom and combine with the color or print of your choice.

Shiny gold


Equally impressive , however, is the version of Bella Vista by Obsessive in gold . Think how sexy your tan will look wearing a micro bikini in this bright color.

If you want to dare it, it is certain that you will draw all eyes on you . Get it, wear the right accessories and get ready for your hottest look!

Hot red


Red color can never be a wrong choice and especially when it comes to a sexy one swimsuit , such as micro.

Whether you are blonde or brunette and generally whatever the shade of your hair is , hot red will definitely suit you. So don't waste time, get it now.

You will find the specific Chilirose design in a set of three , to choose your favorite bottom- string the brazil - and do it absolute beach look !

Find today the ideal micro bikini for you among the daring or more "quiet" of our collection and make the most unforgettable appearances on the beach this year!

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