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What is the right swimsuit for your body type?

What is the right swimsuit for your body type?

What is the right swimsuit for your body type?

The weather has passed and the summer that we all dream of coming back quickly is near! This means that it's time to choose a swimsuit. Yes, let's not hide last year's swimsuits, we only use them to change when it's time to leave the beach! But choosing a swimsuit is not such an easy task, for some of us it can be a headache! The options are endless and we all want a swimsuit that flatters us, is comfortable but at the same time makes us feel better about our body.

But don't worry is here to give you the solutions you need more than ever! Keep reading and keep the tips of our experts to go to the beaches with a different air this summer!

"Pear" body type:

These body types have thin narrow shoulders, a thin waist and wider hips. The key is to create an ensemble that balances your proportions. Mix and match a plain bottom with a colorful or patterned top that will accentuate your bust and add a beautiful visual balance to your gorgeous figure. Make your legs look longer! High legs are very flattering for this body type because they elongate your figure. This will create the illusion of long legs, make you look taller and show off the shape of your curves perfectly!

Small Bust:

In this category we must mention that we are talking about sizes smaller than cup A or B. A small breast requires less support. The style that would suit you is the one with the least amount of coverage. Also to create an illusion of bigger breasts you can choose swimsuits with bows and other decorative details. Triangular designs, push up bras and bright colors create a playful illusion of curves that you will enjoy!

Large Bust:

The right swimsuit for a large bust is the one that will give you the right support. As a person with a naturally large bust, it's really hard to go swimsuit shopping because swimsuits rarely offer coverage and never have enough support! Try a bikini top with a thick chest strap for extra support. Additional tops with adjustable straps and molded style will add harmony to your final ensemble!


Do you have a curvy body and don't know which is the ideal swimsuit for you? What you need to look out for is to accentuate your curves while still providing enough support and coverage! If what you're looking for is something that won't accentuate your curves, then you should definitely avoid monokinis or string bikinis, which accentuate your curves even more! The best options for you are asymmetric swimsuits that draw the eye to your neck, emphasizing the entire line from the neck to the collarbone. Also a very interesting option is Color Blocking, which can make you highlight your figure, in a perfectly harmonious way, as well as retro designs in swimwear (think high-waists that are still popular with certain audiences today).

Athletic body type

This body type includes tighter bodies that lack curves due to intense exercise or a more muscular physique. In this case we have to create the illusion of curves! Swimsuits with less coverage help create the illusion of a more shapely figure, while tops or bottoms with bold prints, and embellishments add flair and create a more curvy top and bottom look.

Monokinis create great curves, as do one-piece swimsuits with sharp cuts!

The smaller the bottom of the swimsuit, the fuller and curvier the hips appear. The bikini bottoms with ties also enhance the curves and adapt perfectly to your size and body, giving the feeling that your swimsuit hugs your body perfectly!

There is no perfect body type, but there is the perfect way to embrace your uniqueness, and that is through the perfect swimsuit for the summer of 2022 that you will find exclusively from! The right fit and a few simple tips can help you feel ready to hit the beach anywhere, anytime, with a look that everyone will admire and remember for many appearances to come!

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