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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Obsessive's Teddy B118 bodysuit for women is the one that will change the course of your sexy bodysuits

Obsessive's Teddy B118 bodysuit for women is the one that will change the course of your sexy bodysuits

The Teddy B118 bodysuit by Obsessive is the one that will change the facts in your sexy bodysuits!

Forget what you knew about traditional bodysuits! Obsessive's new B118 Teddy bodysuit for women is here to change the game! Enter and discover a different and impressively sexier world of underwear. And one of our most glamorous, but at the same time perfectly provocative options, could not be other than the sexy Obsessive B118 Teddy bodysuit!

Sexy Body for sensational nights!

Every choice you make says something about yourself. With the selection of Teddy B118 by Obsessive , get ready to show your sexiest and most sensual side! The exquisitely designed mesh bodysuit will set the atmosphere on fire in just seconds! Its mesh part leaves a large part of the female body uncovered, yet embracing all your curves, forming an impressive crotch opening for ease of use but also time, all those special moments you enjoy with your partner. The look is completed by the crossed straps that you have certainly never seen before on a women's bodysuit. They give an elaborate design to the already interesting and sensual body of Obsessive, giving another playful yet kinky note to the strong ensemble!

Get this incredibly alluring black fishnet bodysuit now and surprise your partner in the most delightful yet surprising way! Obviously, our underwear choices are influenced both by us and our style, but also by our partner's tastes! Make the right choice and enchant your partner with a choice that will definitely not go unnoticed. But the elastic bodysuit is not only for sexy times! Instead, you can use it like any other bodysuit and create impressive outfits, such as with high-waisted trousers or a skirt and an oversized jacket for more chic looks. Try various other combinations, depending on your style and your mood!

Discover a huge selection of sexy bodysuits only at! Refresh your wardrobe, change your mood, boost your psyche, and give your relationship flame a rekindling! Make the sexiest and most provocative choices for the hottest nights and leave your partner speechless with your impressive looks! Enter our and discover the options in underwear sets , babydolls , full body pantyhose , sexy underwear and natural bodysuits that will transform your summer!

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