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Men take care of themselves?

Φροντίδα Άντρα

How long does one woman passes in front of the mirror? How watch herself? How important is it for her to dress nicely and be groomed? We all pretty much know how very necessary it is for a woman to watch everything on it, to close the eyes of men! But ... the case and men? How do you ensure that the men themselves?

Admittedly if this question make it in the male population, 75% of men will answer that very careful indeed! But if you ask women, they will say that the men, hardly touching the limits of personal care !!!

What do not men

Usually men do not thoroughly take care of themselves. This starts:

  1. Their complexion. Few men use cosmetics on their skin, believing that spoils their image or that do not need it!

  2. Their casual wear. Most often scruffy, color irreconcilable with a clear lack of taste components in terms of stylistic combination. The dressing for the man always comes second!

  3. Shoes. Usually the male population chooses shoes with key comfort in the leg and not necessarily good taste in appearance.

  4. Wool. Although men watch much their hairstyle and this track should not be counted against them that are lacking in care, however the classic fashion trends hardly escape their choices.

What should men do

Let us examine some suggestions about what should a man pay attention to the style and appearance and whether it is good to take care of himself.

  1. A man could use creams for the face and hands. Moisturizing the skin keeps its liveliness and situations healthier. A clean face always someone watching, while leaving time to get over it.

  2. The most important part concerns the sartorial choices, which start from the very basics:

  3. Underwear. Men's underwear have now become very fashionable and besides comfort ... offer and look! So you can feel beautiful and pleasant, and certainly will not be ashamed when it comes time for foreplay! Men's underwear that one can choose bloomers is an elegant bar, in boxer shorts elastic fit line and in many designs and colors.
  4. Trousers. Depending on the type of circumstance (at work, at business appointments, businesses, etc.) one must choose the right pants, so his style to conform to the style of activity in which it participates. For example, a seller must be landscaped wearing a pants good, clean and ironed. Stylistically, one can choose and jeans, since there are now a wide range and often give a more casual character blends with most of the situations we find ourselves daily.

  5. Tops - Shirts. Sweaters and blouses with V neckline style, used in cases where we want to have a more elegant style, while the main shirts used in most situations good. Attention to color combinations with shirts, it is very easy one to escape. If your style is casual, you can use simple blouse with color that is combined with the rest of your outfit.

  6. Suit. The suits are commonly used in good circumstances or when required by your work. For example in banks, stores managers, etc. There are costumes that can be used even daily, as long as suitably combined, for example instead of shirt you can put a woolen blouse, etc.

  7. Shoe. Shoes for many people are fetishes. Women, for example, looking very much what men wear and how neat is their shoes. Prefer stylish shoes that are good quality and the care to look like new.

  8. Accessories. Choose a good and stylish clock to frame your outfit. The accessory is now a must in the wardrobe choices.

Everything mentioned above about how to take care of the men themselves, have a direct impact on how you feel yourself, the people you socialize (partners, customers, etc.) and of course their partners. It is always something very pleasant to a man treats himself to the care and love to his wife.

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