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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Prepare for the coming of sping

Μόδα Άνοιξη 2017

The fashion and the latest trends in clothing, is the one woman the ultimate influence its choices. Each season marks a new collection for fashion houses, who present their work at shows and in the media. From the plethora of options available to us we can choose what we like best. Our sartorial choices can not remain unaffected ... so I then get ready for the arrival of Spring!

Spring = Reload

A new era is the springboard of a different situation for the psyche of an individual. Every new beginning makes us want to renew and try to feel better. So I suggest you let the air changes brought about by the spring and enhance your wardrobe.

What to choose?

Below we mention some product categories that you can choose for your costume renewal.


The clothes are the number one factor in the overall feel of your style. This season choose more casual outfits that may include:

  • Jean trousers

  • Tops semi-sleeves

  • Thrown cardigans

  • Chic dresses

  • Asymmetrical dresses and t-shirt dresses

  • Spring jacker (light)


The new lingerie that you can see for Spring impress designs and many colors available! Choose from lace, satin, etc. fabric and feel comfortable and feminine at the same time throughout the day! Choose bright colors for your pants, with red, white and black are considered to be preferable.

  • Bloomers Brazil or tanga style

  • Deep neckline in pajamas underwear


  • Select your casual wear low shoes or small heels

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