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Fashion in swimwear this summer

magic 2017

Summer has arrived and with it the airy and sunny breeze of our favorite season, creates an overall pleasant mood in each of us. After a difficult winter, the main thing we have missed is the daily summer trips to the beach, relaxation and sunbathing! And this year, let's be prepared to spend as many carefree moments as we can!

A basic accessory that must always follow the new fashion trends is the swimsuit . Regardless of the type of swimwear that each of us chooses, the style and colors are two of the features that highlight their aesthetics and that we must pay attention to when buying them.

This year's swimwear fashion trend has been launched a long time ago by the big fashion houses and by the continuous spring and summer shows both in Greece and abroad. So this year's trend wants a roll back in the style of past decades, bringing back our beloved full-body swimsuits , like last year, in much more refined and feminine design lines, making the female body highlight its curves and its sexiness.

For lovers of minimal swimwear, the most modest sets still have their place, such as brazil swimwear , etc. Most of the swimwear designs have designs on them that follow the most floral aesthetic intervention, describing flowers, blossoms and in general the nature. The aesthetic piece is framed by bright and lively colors, which make each swimsuit stand out from afar.

More generally, this year's designs cover every taste both in terms of aesthetics and body type. Of course, there is no lack of imagination in many extreme swimwear designs, capable of stealing the show on the beach this summer.

So we see women's one-piece swimsuits, bikinis , with lace, net, tassels, fringes, crop tops, with lace on the side, with a particularly revealing neckline, with cuts on the sides, as well as revealing swimsuits, which only limit the imagination!

In one-piece swimsuits, many interventions have been made, since, apart from the classic line, we can find them with openings asymmetrically on the side, and excellent style designs on the back side. This year's bodysuit options will surely impress you and if you haven't chosen them yet, maybe you'll think again!

A beautiful option that stands out among the slightly more unusual styles is also the one with one shoulder out. As with the dresses you've loved so much, you can find corresponding swimwear that frees up the female body a little more and highlights your femininity. You can also find them in full body with a particularly impressive style.

Most swimsuits have floral designs on them and bright colors. At least this is what the fashion trend dictates. Yellow swimsuits, or in shades of yellow, green designs of nature, golden swimsuits, but also more nude options and abstract designs, frame our choices this year for our summer trips to the beach! Mix and match what you like and indulge in the magic of summer, lifting your spirits every time you're the center of attention on the beach!

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