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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

The top 3 in women's thongs that flatter every body type

Trends and fashion may change many times in underwear, but women's thongs remain the absolute favorite proposition for women. It is the hot choice of underwear, for every girl who loves to pamper herself and arouse her partner's fantasy.

black thong


Strings hide an interesting path, which evolves after their first appearance. As strange as it may seem to us, in distant times, they got their start as an early type of men's clothing. In the course of the 20th century, the thong was now established as purely women's underwear but as a type of swimwear.

red thong

The most intense wave of choice in string appeared on the beaches of Brazil , as it was the hottest trend of the time, for women who wanted everyone to admire their juicy buttocks.

But what are the most popular styles in strings over time?

Thong & Micro Thong

Thongs are the classic string choice , with laces and many details that do not go unnoticed . You can wear them with tight dresses as well as trousers, which flatter the body type and give the absolute boost to your confidence.

On the other hand, micro thongs are small thongs, made with little and discreet fabric, so that they are not visible with clothes and leave everything to the man's imagination.

car thong

C-String & T-String

c-strings are women's new favorite trend , as their specially shaped C-shaped style allows you to wear your favorite dresses and skirts with flattering cuts on the buttocks. Show off your bold style with high-quality t-shirts in gorgeous fiery colors.

T-strings form a thin T with their strings, hugging just a straight line from the crotch. You can find them in fun and sexy colors but also with high quality fabrics and laces.


Car string

An equally popular and favorite category are car thongs , which can raise your sexiness to another level. Discover a wonderful collection with hot patterns such as animal prints, lace, polka dots but also bright colors and lines.

The car thong is the one that doesn't have a crotch and allows you to save time dressing - and undressing - even in the most daring situations!

thong red light on the crotch

At e-string , taking care of the needs and desires of every woman, we offer a unique collection of thongs and sexy underwear that will light up the nights. Guaranteed quality fabrics as well as designs that follow the absolute trends in underwear of the season, are waiting for you to get to know them and renew your collection.

tomato string

Give yourself the hottest gift and create the right atmosphere to make your every fantasy come true.

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