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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Garters-The story behind the favorite, sexy & elegant accessory of women

Suspenders-The story behind the favorite, sexy & elegant accessory of women

History garters

As strange as it may seem, the history of the garter begins many years ago and reaches today, conquering the hearts of women, with an unparalleled sexiness. If we think about it based on the meaning of the word, the suspenders they are a basic and practical accessory , with the help of which the socks, usually of fine weave, are held . We could very simply say, that they take on the same job that suspenders do for pants!

Wanting to escape from the practical part of the garter, we must note that the garter itself was and is particularly popular mainly because it raises the self-confidence of every woman and can be the hottest element that will attract her partner.

But how does the course and evolution of the most elegant accessory for women begin?

Red Garter

The turning point is the 17th century, when for the first time the then-known padding made its appearance , i.e. the creation of an investment that helped the sock to be tied to the underwear, in order to offer the woman a better fit and safety.

From the 20s onwards, suspenders are now used not only for their comfort, but also for beauty, while they will slowly start to become the biggest trend of the time.

During this period, women's legs appear more bare and it is very possible that the garter belt was even considered provocative by some. From the 30s onwards and with the revolutionary creation of nylon, thin socks became women's favorites and accompanied the personal style that expresses them to this day.

Black Garter

From famous cabarets in the American night to the most accessible looks, suspenders accompany women's femininity, with different designs, colors and lace suggestions.

The garter belt today!

Today, women love and want to wear items that flatter their body type and suspenders definitely belong to this category. At e-string, following the prominent trends of the time, we make sure to offer the woman underwear that fits her and makes her feel great about herself.

Striking colors, soft textures, high-quality fabrics and stand-out designs complete an autumn collection that will definitely not go unnoticed. Classic black, fiery red and many more erotic colors will create the conditions for hot nights that will be unforgettable.

Thong with suspenders

The garter belt is the item that combines perfectly with the hottest sets of underwear and of course with socks, which will bring about an almost hypnotic effect on your partner. Get ready for the most passionate and sexy games, with erotic skits that will turn red!

Easy ways to combine your favorite suspenders

Garter with rhinestones

The first choice that every woman usually makes is the combination with sexy high socks , which flatter the legs and buttocks and give a wonderful shape to the whole body.

Here you will discover an excellent range of tall and attractive socks, finely woven in mysterious black as well as pathic red, that will set the nights on fire. He also got to know the options with designs such as flowers at the end, lace and different fabrics at the seams.

Garter stockings

The equally luxurious combination that you should not miss is the garter belt with sexy strings. They are the number 1 underwear that women love to wear, as they exude femininity and create the right climate for new sensual adventures.

At e-string, you will find a variety of strings , which exceeds all expectations. Playful styles and colors with ribbons, diamonds, laces and other accessories, compose a wonderful collection, which also includes plus size sizes , for super juicy looks!

Large size garter

Give yourself the sexiest gift and create the ideal conditions that will make your partner drool! Discover our unique selection of sexy suspenders and high quality lingerie and take advantage of the affordable prices!

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