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Bra with reinforcement : Pros & Cons

Bra with reinforcement : Pros & Cons

Bra with reinforcement : Pros & Cons

Bras come in many sizes, colors, designs, textures and of course with or without reinforcement. But is it good to wear a bra with reinforcement or is it just a way to accentuate our natural beauty? There are many women who would disagree with either version, as the truth always lies somewhere in the middle.

Bra with Reinforcement: PRO

Most bras have underwire and underwire. This has a very logical explanation as the reinforcement holds the breasts better , especially for women who have a rich cleavage. Also, the enhancement lifts the breasts, creating more intense curves and thus making the female figure much more attractive. The enhancement emphasizes the female cleavage and in cases where the woman does not have the most generous breasts, it even creates the illusion of a larger breast size .

Bra with Reinforcement: AGAINST

Nowadays, more and more bras tend to remove the reinforcement and keep only the underwire. This is due to the fact that today's women are starting to become more liberal than previous generations and this naturally affects their sexuality. Manufacturers of women's bras, trying to keep up with the times, tend to remove the padding as it is not as comfortable . Also, the enhancement creates the illusion of a larger breast, when in reality this is not the case. In women's effort to assert their sexuality, the natural shape of their body, curves and breasts are now more realistically highlighted . Without hiding, but not creating false fantasies either.

The choice of bra with or without reinforcement is entirely up to the woman . If she herself is comfortable in a bra with reinforcement because it supports her better, but also makes her body look more attractive, then she should make it hers! If, again, she prefers the most natural highlighting of her body, it is better to choose a bra without reinforcement! You can be sure, however, as with any bra  of our collection at, you can show off your body and curves , in the most feminine way, whatever approach you prefer! Discover our collection and give your look the renewal and comfort you've always been looking for!

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