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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Get ready for an unrepeatable show with E-string Underwear and raise the temperature to red!

Get ready for an unrepeatable show with E-string Underwear

Get ready for an unrepeatable show with E-string Underwear and raise the temperature to red!

It's time to give your partner the hottest night who could dream! Do you want to embody his fantasy and stay for many evenings in his mind? You are in the right article! Trust E-string and learn first all the Sexy trends in underwear fashion , as well as spicy tricks to make you unforgettable!

Stay tuned to our Blog and read every playful detail that will lift you up!

Today, we have prepared a very sensual and different concept for you! We will show you how to prepare the best striptease night for your partner's eyes only! And of course, always with sexy underwear from E-string ! So sit back and read!

First of all, it's all about her good mood and how comfortable you feel to venture out on such an evening. We will of course advise you not to prejudge something before trying it. Certainly for men, striptease is their best. And who doesn't remember the iconic scene from the movie 9 ½ Weeks , where Kim Basinger does a super sensual strip on Mickey Rourke and plays the song You Can Leave Your Hat On which is a hallmark of sensuality. So before you do anything, you should definitely brainstorm ideas!

First of all, you should choose the song that will accompany you in your promised dance! We have something to recommend definitely You Can Leave Your Hat On, Give me a reason to love you which is slow and sensual, but also Let's Get it on, by Marvin Gaye. Then it would be good to plan your dance a little. Find the right place , either your house, his house or in a beautiful hotel and choose the right spot for your show . Ideally, you want a space without obstacles, tables, chairs, etc. in the middle. All you will need is a chair , which will help you a lot for various movements and figures during your sensual dance. Have your partner sit directly across from your chair and your game will be that they can't move to grab you or touch you. Only you will be able to do everything you want! This is a very good trick to increase his desire & anticipation sky high! Ideally, you can see the playful accessories of E-string and get playful handcuffs with fur that will keep him in place and confined for your part of the show, even whips for naughty boys!

The most important part comes now though, and it concerns the choice of your underwear for this very sexy and exciting night! As experts in sexy lingerie we tell you that the big secret here is to create Layers ! The more, the better, as you'll be able to remove gradually during the song and there won't be a moment of awkwardness due to a pause. We have prepared 2 suggestions for you below for your underwear look during the strip-night !

The first proposal includes a sexy set of underwear that will captivate the viewer! First of all, choose the Erotic Underwear Set that makes you want it desperately. You can navigate to the eshop us and get ideas, as you will definitely find what you are looking for in various forms & textures ! Once you've decided the centerpiece of the evening, then start framing it: choose Suspenders that will launch your look. Suspenders always add a touch of extra provocation , which drives anyone who sees you crazy. High socks of course they are essential, especially those with lace trim. After all, they are a decisive part of striptease, as well they can be removed with grace and excess sensuality . Last but not least piece, is the robe . Choose a beautiful robe, we love satin and highly recommend it, but you can see countless designs and choose your favorite!

Our second proposal includes a sexy dress , accompanied of course with high socks that add extra sexiness to your look. Choose a sexy dress from our Sexy Dresses section and the first and basic step has already been taken! You probably won't need a bra in this case, so you can focus on the underwear you choose. Usually the most suitable choice is the thong and we have the largest variety of provocative thong underwear , for every taste!

For a more playful atmosphere, you can look for kinky accessories from E-string : whips, wigs and more they are waiting for you to discover them! Complete your sexy, strip-ready look with high heels which always add something sensual, and with a subtle aroma that will remain unforgettable . Ideally, choose a new fragrance from our collection , that whenever he smells it again he will characteristically remember this uplifting and highly original evening.

Do your research on E-string now and prepare the sexiest night of your life !

Order today and receive immediately with the Box Now service !

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