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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Spring Vibes Alert! Fill your nights with color and playful underwear from E-string!

It's now official: Spring is here! The temperature has risen noticeably, the day has grown and the mood has soared. So what's better than a renewal , both in material goods and on an emotional level. It makes sense that we go through different phases in winter. A little bit of work, a little bit of the fact that it gets dark early, a little bit of foggy and cold weather, it is next to not feel cheerful and hungry all day. But now, that is slowly starting to change! And together with the temperature, the libido rises and this can only have good results!

However, in order to fully experience "It will be as if spring is coming" as Sofia Vossou says, you should prepare properly . And who will help you in this? Of course the experts insexy underwear : the E-string team. The season is ideal to put aside black and dark underwear and replace them with white, red, pink and whatever else you like and feel suits you. In today's article we have some ideas for you , to get into the spirit of spring and seduce your partner too.

Nightgowns and warm nights go together!

There is nothing more sensual than walking around the house or lying in bed next to your partner, with a nightgown full of promises ! Especially the satin nightgowns & Babydolls belong to the Bestsellers of the spring collection . Their soft texture and lace details flatter the body and make it irresistible in the eyes of your partner. Combine them with a sexy robe that will make you feel comfortable even if you wear them on a simple afternoon at home. You can invite your partner home for coffee and welcome him in just your Babydoll and your robe slightly open in the front. What is certain is that you will not only drink coffee...

Bodies full of promises!

We have selected for you here hot bodies that raise sensuality and desire vertically and they are not black! Dare to add color to your private looks and choose between red, pink, beige & animal print and pique his interest. E-string bodysuits hug the body so beautifully and flatter every body type that they will become your favorite piece for romantic evenings with your partner. The fishnet bodysuits add an extra kinky character to your whole look and capture your partner in the world of sensuality! Put on a sexy bodysuit and make him irresistible!

Corsets for Totally Sexy appearances!

Ahhh, our favorite corsets! They sculpt the body & seduce your partner , 2 in 1! Corsets have always been a weapon of seduction for women. The way they hug the waist and stop at the buttocks make the male sex unable to take their eyes off them! Even in white, the corset remains impressive and absolutely sexy! You can choose between many designs and colors and live the ultimate experience in your bedroom. Wear it over the clothes you chose to go out with. That way, you'll be ready for anything when you get home. You can let the built-in suspenders just fall next to your buttocks, but as long as the weather allows it you can combine thin socks with a characteristic finish, which in turn arouse the appetite for crazy!

Whatever you choose to wear to welcome spring is welcome, as long as it is accompanied by the corresponding mood and willingness to try new things!

At E-string you will find countless options ofsexy underwear and accessories that will help you set the scene for the ultimate romantic night ! Navigate now to the eshop and discover everything. Leave your email and get a discount on your first order!

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