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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Cause an earthquake of several magnitudes with Penthouse's Super Sexy Earth Shaker Dress

Super Sexy Earth Shaker Dress by Penthouse

It's time to get the Sexiest Dress you've ever owned ! The super sensual Earth Shaker Dress in black colour from Penthouse is here to launch your style & sexiness and make you irresistible in the eyes of your partner . Don't settle for the usual anymore. Your wardrobe needs it renewal and the time is now! The E-string he has the hottest proposal to add to your nights the sensuality they were missing! We have the perfect setting to seduce your partner and lure him to moments full of love !

The black sexy Earth Shaker Dress by Penthouse does what it promises: it causes an earthquake in bed and in your relationship! The unique thing about this little dress is that it doesn't belong exclusively to underwear, as it can be super sexy, but no one forbids you to wear it on a night out with your partner! The backdrop is simple and can be set up very easily!

Suggest to your partner that you go out somewhere nice for drinks. Make sure you're alone so you can talk him out of it easier! Whether it's your relationship, or you're trying to win him over, with the Earth Shaker Dress from the E-string you will definitely have your chance! So pick the place and suggest that you meet directly there. Put on your black hot dress and be sure to pair it with black fishnet tights - super sexy and favorite piece of men & women - or with sensual stockings with lace ! Another very good option is the car pantyhose , which gives freedom of movement for love games in the car! Of course, your choice also depends on where you will be at the end of the evening. If there's room for the two of you, in a house or room, then opt for regular fishnet or sheer pantyhose, which will make him eager to take them off! If your options are limited and the car is the place where you can enjoy each other, then definitely choose car tights and literally drive him crazy! Of course, we recommend that you inform him of your intentions on your way out so he can look forward to it to see you only in your little dress, when it's just the two of you!

In the black sexy Earth Shaker dress of Penthouse, you can be comfortable and at the same time sure that it will suit you perfectly ! Its unique texture and sensual design will seduce your partner from the first moment. It has a deep V neckline and an open back which give extra sexiness in the whole look! Includes matching thong for highly erotic appearances!

Don't waste a minute! Navigate to E-string now and discovered the hot black Earth Shaker dress of Penthouse in 2 sizes that will cover every body type! Ordered today and received immediately with the Box Now service !

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