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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

How to choose sexy underwear for your partner

How to choose sexy underwear for your partner

How to choose sexy underwear for your partner!

Here at we firmly believe that there is no better gift than sexy underwear! Not only do they require a fair amount of thought and attention, but they're also a gift that both the giver and recipient will enjoy - and for quite some time too! However, shopping for underwear for your partner might not be that easy, especially for all the guys out there who are not familiar with how to choose the right underwear for their girl!

Although it's overwhelming at first, it turns out to be really good to have so many options! Everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to underwear, so it's possible and likely that you'll find one that will prove ideal for every woman out there! So if you're looking to buy your other half some sexy lingerie but have no idea where to start, take a look below!

When shopping for sexy lingerie , take your time

The first step to take when shopping for sexy lingerie for your partner is to take your time. Too many guys rush at the first thought of buying underwear, choosing one of the first underwear or sets they see. However, it is important not to rush into your purchase! There are so many different things to consider before buying the perfect underwear! From sizes, to styles and colors, there's so much to consider, so leave your impulse purchases for another time! Instead, take a few days to get all the necessary information to help you choose the best underwear that your partner will definitely love!

Find out her underwear size

Sexy underwear definitely isn't that sexy, especially when it doesn't fit your partner's body perfectly - so always find out her size first! So many people just forget to check the sizes or think they know them when they clearly don't. Remember, her bust and waist are different sizes, so there are a few measurements you'll definitely need to learn, or at least estimate very accurately! There are a few ways to do this as well, so be sure to try one of them.

Ask her friends for measurements! This can be dangerous if you're buying underwear for a surprise occasion like Valentine's Day or an anniversary, as she might get away from her friends, but it's definitely a great way to find the right size for her! Another simple way to find out is to check out her current underwear, especially if you're thinking of buying sexy underwear from a brand she already trusts!

Understanding bra sizes

For men who want to buy underwear for their partner, understanding bra measurements can be quite difficult at first. However, once you know what the numbers and letters mean, it's pretty simple to figure them out! The numbers represent the centimeters around her back. Instead, the letters refer to the cup size. Both of these sizes are listed on the label, so it might be a good idea to note them down!

Choosing the right style of underwear

Not only are there different types of clothing, but the styles can vary greatly! For example, you might want something sleek and sophisticated, or you might want to be bold and buy some provocative, out-of-the-ordinary underwear, such as crotchless underwear. Bras and underwear are certainly sexy on their own, but why not complete the look with sexy garters, corsets or babydolls? And even if all else fails, you can always turn to classic all-black lingerie - a timeless look that never fails to look sexy! So what do you think? Get in the game, be inspired by and find the perfect sexy underwear for your partner!

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