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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

First Date his house? Find out here what underwear to choose!

Find out here what underwear to choose

First Date his house? Find out here what underwear to choose!

You've been out a few times with your potential significant other, and everything seems to be going well! Walks, drinks, discussions upon discussions and something tells you inside that you probably found what you were looking for! And now, it's time to get to know each other a little better ... The invitation to his house came and while you were waiting for it inside, how and how, now everything looks like a mountain to you!

Don't worry at all! We are here to help you at least in terms of your underwear, which by the way is the most important part of the evening!

Always, the most important thing is to feel comfortable with your choice! Wear a piece that will make you feel sexy and desirable and first of all you have to recognize it yourself! Because quite simply, when you feel good about yourself in the mirror, you radiate confidence and self-confidence that drives your partner crazy and he can never forget you!

The experienced E-string team who knows the preferences of men and women, has selected for you the top 3 categories for first date underwear  that will take off your night and they will make you unforgettable to your partner !

Romantic Sexy

A very good and relatively safe choice for first date underwear is a set of pretty underwear with color. Pink, purple and even blue give a a sweet touch to your look , especially if it's generally your first dates with the opposite sex. On the E-string you will find countless options for all tastes , whether you want to move on mild levels, or you want to give a little spicy note to the evening. Combine your underwear set with a pair of lacy socks to make your look even sexier!

Boldly Irresistible

For the slightly more daring, we have to recommend a category that we particularly love: bodysuits ! Countless choices in designs and styles they are waiting for you at E-string ! Choose a fishnet bodysuit in red or a black one with lace and success is sure! By making your intentions known from your first meeting, you give your partner a chance to think about how much more lies ahead! We rarely meet men who don't like sexy & lifting underwear! So, invest in one sexy piece for the underwear wardrobe it can only be good for you!

Seductively Provocative

Finally, we have a proposal with a very erotic concept! Here's the idea: As you're at his place and it's just the two of you, he suggests trying a drink to break the ice and make you a little more comfortable. Talk, get closer and generally feel comfortable, because a night like this doesn't want anything but stress! Whenever you feel ready, go to the bathroom and put our plan into action! You will have it in your bag super sexy babydoll your from E-string ! So start your search now! Choose the Babydoll you like the most and make the surprise! We advise you to choose one robe , preferably in satin fabric . In our eshop you will find a wide variety of babydolls and matching robes, with lace & transparencies . You can choose between many designs & colors, so you can find the one that suits your taste best! With your ally sexy & playful Babydolls and Robes from E-string , the night is definitely yours!

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