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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Sex Games with Sexy Accessories, for a Happy Valentine's Ending!

Happy Valentine

Sex Games with Sexy Accessories, for a Happy Valentine's Ending!

Although every day of the year we should take care of our relationship, Valentine's Day it is an ideal opportunity for renewal , so that we can give something more and think outside the box! After all, by refreshing the relationship and shaking up the waters of the routine a little, you connect a little more with your partner and that can only bring you good things! Make him think of you for a long time and wish that every day is Valentine's Day !

Wondering how this will be done?

As always, we at E-string we have the top Valentine's suggestions for you to go wild that night, and where do you know? Maybe the next day...!

Kinky Must-Haves

Let's start with your ultimate assistant for a night of passion, full of surprises and originality: the Sexy Accessories !

Don't underestimate accessories at all, especially when it comes to special occasions. They spark the imagination , it's something different and you can make infinite combinations!

Let's go from the most accessible to the most special:

  1. Socks & Garters: The ultimate feminine accessory that will upset even you! We absolutely love the lace-trimmed stockings and the matching suspenders ! The best thing is that they can be worn normally under your dress and give the impression of normal tights! But few will know that by lifting the skirt we have something extremely sensual ! Inform your escort of your intentions at the start of your evening and let them imagine how your night will end!

  2. Full Body Pantyhose: the spiciest thing you can add to your collection! Here even if we are talking about launching eroticism ! Certainly full body tights are a philosophy in themselves! They need almost nothing to accompany them! A little perfume and a nice flattering shoe is enough to show up in front of your partner and drive him crazy! They hug the whole body and every blemish is erased, since the gaze is focused on how sensual you look wearing it! If you want to turn up the heat, then full body tights are an ideal choice!
    Bonus Tip : The open crotch gives you extra erotic vibes , since you can wear it during your sexual encounters, or even up to a point!

  3. Masks & handcuffs: All the women were crazy about Christian Gray and his special love interests in Fifty Shades of Grey! Because we know that you also melt watching the movies, we have the hottest suggestions for you to experience such an evening! Sexy masks , playful handcuffs with fur and super naughty whips are here, to turn Valentine's night into the ultimate romantic fantasy with your Mr. Grey! Explore your limits and make your own rules in this endless game of pleasure !

  4. Breast Decorations: Do you want to be the ultimate challenge ? Try the super sexy breast decorations that we have collected for you on E-string ! For you who say yes to new experiences and always want to try something new! Combine them with one of our unique, highly revealing thongs and set your night on fire!

  1. Edible underwear: We've said it before: love goes through the stomach! Especially St. Valentine's Day is suitable for a complete experience, gustatory pleasure and more ! Surprise your partner and after the meal, serve him as dessert , figuratively & literally! Try edible underwear from E-string and close the evening, original and delicious!

We think you're all set for Valentine's Day now!

All that remains is to choose the concept that suits you and do them your shopping at E-string !

Browse through our categories and discover the variety of Sexy proposals that will take off your relationship!

And…Happy Valentine's Ending!

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