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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

The New Era In Plus Size Underwear!

The New Era In Plus Size Underwear

The New Era At Plus Size Underwear!

A motto that dominates a lot in our time is 'love your body, the way it is'. This is a great truth, as accepting our body with its positives and negatives helps us to give it the attention and care it deserves.

It also contributes to creating movements that support this point of view, with the aim of being interested in health and taking care of our bodies!

Now it body positivity is a big and powerful movement, which pushes women in the most beautiful and sweet way to leave behind the standards and follow a new philosophy that has as its 'center' the opinion that our world accepts and accommodates all bodies , without size and discrimination.

It is the movement that has so far made the greatest struggles to awaken the planet to what it is after all real body , with the stretch marks, the 'grips' and all that is completely normal .

plus size underwear

Through the new data that we observe taking place in modern society and in the field of fashion , the body positivity is what dominates the most. It is what gives the proper boost to the woman and every girl to choose clothes and underwear that make her feel great about her body.

Now there are many options for every body type, as well as for the plus ones underwear size , enabling every woman to enjoy her underwear , with designs and styles that deviate from the typical and established, offering sexy options as well.

New age -Plus Size Underwear

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New age - Plus Size Underwear

The pluses size underwear are aimed at women with more juicy body type and give you the step to shine and stand out, with their fiery designs and incomparable aesthetics.

In our now established and popular e - shop , e - string . gr , you will get to know the magical world of body positivity , through the best quality women's underwear in plus sizes , that will steal your heart!

In our e - shop you will find an impressive collection with plus size underwear for all tastes, which embrace every body type and offer it the beauty and glamor it deserves.

If you want to show off your eroticism and sensuality, we suggest that you carefully read the following list of the best suggestions for this fall!

Bras in large sizes for ultimate comfort & support

Bras are the essential undergarment for every woman and give stability as well as a great image to the bust. So you don't have to worry if your chest is too big, as you can find an attractive collection of bras in large sizes , which highlight the bust and make every woman feel and be special .

Bras in large sizes

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You will discover a multitude of proposals from satin bras , lace bras and even simpler bras that will cover your every need and will perfectly match the 'mould' of your bust!

Bra white large size

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Sensual Plus Size Bodysuits

Sensual Plus Size Bodysuits

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Bodysuits are a sexy choice for any body type and show off every aspect of it in a beautiful and flattering way. In our e - shop you will get to know a large range of pluses size bodysuits , which are famous for their high quality materials but also for their elegant lines.

You will be delighted with their colors and various designs , which cover every need and requirement and raise your confidence to another level !

Sensual plus size bodysuits

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Attractive baby dolls

Attractive baby dolls

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The baby doll is the underwear that combines romance and femininity with unparalleled sexiness ! Our wide variety will impress you, as you will find the size and design that highlights your body type, through an attractive range of baby doll and robes in plus size version , in fiery red, sexy black but also romantic white and pink. You can choose the one that meets your needs and give yourself the best gift!

Attractive Babydoll Plus size

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If the plus size is the category that covers your own needs in the most impressive sexy underwear, you can now get to know the options that are given to you at our e - shop .

Here you will discover wonderful designs, soft fabrics as well as unique proposals in thongs , underwear sets and many more pieces, which are made to raise your confidence to the maximum extent.

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