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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

The new trends in sexy underwear for autumn

The new trends in sexy underwear for autumn

The new trends in sexy underwear for autumn

The fall season is officially here and it commands changes that will give one air of renewal. So what's better than renewing your wardrobe and especially your underwear?

In the e - string . Gr we aim to make happy every woman who loves to be pampered her body and appearance, offering her the best choices in sexy and flattering underwear that will accompany her every personal moment and make her feel great!

Sexy underwear is aimed at all women and every body type . You no longer have to worry if you have small or large breasts, if you have curves or skinny buttocks. The new era in underwear is shaped to respect and follow the needs and demands of every woman , with pieces, designs and styles that leave no one unmoved!

We are launching our new autumn collection , offering you options that will give a new boost to your confidence and sensuality.

The new trends in sexy underwear for autumn bras

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Sexy bodysuits that will show off your figure

Bodysuits are the #1 sexy choice, as they hug every body in a special way and highlight the femininity that every woman hides! At e - string you will be impressed with the abundance of wonderfully different designs on sexy bodysuits , with transparencies and high-quality laces standing out. The new autumn trends find us with the warmest and most attractive colors , but also with lines that have vintage influences.

Fiery red, classic black and romantic earthy tones are the shades that dominate and captivate the eye. You can find what suits you and makes you feel great!

The new trends in sexy underwear for the fall bodysuits

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Garters that promise sensual and.. lewd situations!

Suspenders are a must have item for the sexiest looks, with attractive designs and suggestions that leave no one unmoved. You can find a multitude of options in sexy suspenders such as those that stand out for their bright colors and raise sensuality to another level!

Each garter fits the philosophy of each woman as well as the style that characterizes her. Discover the new trends , with black dominating and giving you the premium aesthetics you deserve.

The new trends in sexy underwear for the fall suspenders

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Strings that take your breath away

If you want sexiness to reach another level, it is worth adding the sexiest strings to your collection that evoke passion and appeal to the modern and dynamic woman. Here you will find exceptional pieces that will excite you, such as sophisticated laces , bold laces , but also special pieces with accessories such as diamonds, pearls and more.

The new trends in sexy underwear for autumn thong

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In the e - string . Gr we are here to listen to your every special need but also to make every woman feel great about her body and herself. Get to know the wonderful autumn series with the sexiest underwear and give yourself the precious gift of self-confidence.

Are you ready to dare? The best love journey of sensuality starts here!

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