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Small beauty secrets

Μυστικά ομορφιάς

Sometimes we even get confused and more simple things that have to do with the makeup and the care of our face. Let's try to put little things in the right order.

  • Makeup products should be changed about once a year in order to avoid irritating the skin of the face. Also to avoid large changes in temperature because the ingredients are altered. It is advised not to use the fingers of our hands and in products to prevent microbial transmission. And to care for their regular cleaning.
  • Makeup brushes should be cleaned fairly often. Especially now in summer. While if sponges used must be renewed every two to three months. Cleaning brushes can easily do using the shampoo our hair. Wipe with a towel and then let it dry naturally.

Pretty face.

  • He started with a moisturizing serum for a dewy complexion for hours. Then instead foundation experienced a CC cream color that gives a uniform result, covers and provides shine. For cheekbones chose a blush pink or coral shade that will apply to apples. In the fat of the face you can spend a little transparent powder.

Wonderful lips.

  • The shades of cherry and the coral is the ideal choice for this season and match perfectly with a more relaxed mood because summer all hours of day and night. Choose a lipstick with moisturizing texture and passed directly on the lips. Patted lightly. If you want you can add a little lip-gloss in the same colors with your lipstick, giving more shine. For a balanced look attempted to combine the lipstick shade to that of blush.

Expressive look.

  • We start putting up our eyes a product that will provide us with the stability of the shadow. He preferred the Nude shades, especially those that are two to three tones darker than the natural color of your eyelids. And used them not only shade, but also to accentuate the contour of your eyes. Alternatively you can use shadow with metallic texture gives shine to the look. Then he spent one to two coats of mascara preferably black fits all eye colors. On your eyelashes if you want to use and scissors lashes for more length and intensity before pass but mascara.


  • And for a complete result we must not forget our brows, giving them the right shape. The very thin eyebrow line should be avoided. If we want to fill with an eyebrow pencil and finish with brow shadow, giving better results. We should beware the color to use to match the color of our hair for a smooth result. Tip to keep the shape of your eyebrows to comb with special eyebrow brush upwards, every day.
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