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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Absolutely Seductive with Chilirose's Sexy corset, in the Red color of passion!

Absolutely Seductive with Chilirose's Sexy corset, in the Red color of passion!

Absolutely Seductive with Chilirose's Sexy corset, in the Red color of passion!

Welcome to the seductive world of sexy lingerie, where the E-string team proudly presents it super spicy piece of our collection: the red lace corset by Chilirose and built-in suspenders is the ideal choice for you, for one night full of passion with your partner! This sexy underwear is aimed at those who are looking for the totally uplifting look, always with a spicy touch which does not go unnoticed and shoots up the temperature...into the red!

The Women's Corset by Chilirose in red coloring, it really is sensual , bringing out your feminine side in a timeless way. The floral lace on the front creates a light, seductive look, while transparency on the sides subtly highlights your every curve, leaving something to the imagination that will have to be revealed in due course. Create eagerness and impatience in your partner to keep him awake so he doesn't see the time to move on to the main part of your evening!

A heart-shaped jewel , shiny and detailed, adorns the bust of this Sexy Corset , giving an additional dose romance and charm . The integrated ones garter straps and the tubs in the cups provide the perfect fit and support, giving a air of confidence to every woman who chooses it. Especially the suspenders , which are an integral part of the design of this Super provocative corset , are the ones that do all the good work! They give beauty to the design of the corset, beautifully hold the lace stockings where will you wear and whet your partner's appetite for lots of games in bed! Matching thong included for a complete look, to live your playful night to the fullest!

The sexy corset from Chilirose in the red color of fire, it is not just a piece of clothing. It is a promise for sensual moments, full of passion and for an unrepeatable love experience that you and your partner will remember for a long time! For you who know how to have a good time and upset your partner with your femininity, this corset is the ultimate spicy choice !

Look for him now on E-string and prepare for a night with your partner who will lift you up ! Don't forget to choose Sexy Socks that will complete your sensual look ! Pair your corset with a gorgeous satin robe from our collection and start your evening with the best omens!

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