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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

4+1 Myths About Sexy Lingerie - Busted by the E-string

4+1 myths about Sexy Underwear

4+1 Myths About Sexy Lingerie - Busted by the E-string

There is not much we hear from time to time about Sexy Underwear . There are many opinions and of course, each one is respected. But let's calmly look at some of them. Some positions you will have heard too. But is it so?  

We at E-string , as experts in Sexy Underwear , are here to show you a dimension of things that you probably hadn't thought of!

Let's start our journey in the world of underwear fashion!

Myth #1 - They are not convenient

How many times have you heard the excuse that they don't choose sexy underwear because they don't fit? We answer you: too many! The bad thing about it is usually that it is said by people unfamiliar with the specific genre. There are not only super tight, tight, lace-only underwear! After all, what everyone defines as sexy is very subjective . For someone who is now discovering what she likes and what she doesn't, of course we don't recommend jumping in at once. She can try something in moreRomantic Lingerie that matches her taste . In addition, Babydolls & Sensual Nighties are the best to feel comfortable and super sexy !

Myth #2 - They embarrass you

Another special opinion about sexy underwear is that wearing them, you will feel uncomfortable and embarrassed in them. Of course it is not the case ! In fact, the exact opposite usually happens! Don't forget that your sensual underwear is addressed to you and your partner . So there is no reason to feel uncomfortable. Sexy underwear , admittedly, boosts self-confidence and gives you an extra boost to have the best time in the bedroom! You can choose something from our collection of sexy underwear and combine it with a beautiful robe , which will give you a security when you appear to your partner!

Myth #3 - It's for toddlers

Let's laugh... In the year 2024, the issue of age has ceased to concern and be a brake on human relations. After all, the real age is what we feel ! It doesn't mean that only in your 20s or 30s you can be sexy and challenge your partner to have a good time in bed! Having fun in the bedroom is a right of every age and sensual underwear is a very good trigger. With the huge variety of E-string, you are sure to find something that suits your taste ! We suggest you take a look at the Sexy Luxury Lingerie section and you won't miss out! Make combinations with sexy tights & stockings with lace and see your partner happier than ever!

Myth #4 - Only for singles

Of course not! It goes without saying that if you are single or even in a relationship your mind is always there. You play tricks on your partner, challenge him at every opportunity and make sure your wardrobe includes sensual pieces for your special moments. But what happens next? Why do you suddenly shove them in a drawer as soon as the wedding comes? Not anymore! Now is the time to break free from stereotypes! Marriage is simply the formalization of your relationship! It does not mean that everything should suddenly become serious and be strict and as it should be. Barely! With the constant daily friction, the couple has the need to throw it out a little in the bedroom . The solution is very simple: keep the spark alive and challenge your partner with spicy and highly arousing appearances ! We suggest you to enrich your collection with Sexy Suspenders and Sexy Socks that raise the libido and promise hot nights . Corsets are one of our favorite pieces as well, driving men crazy.

Myth #5 - They cost a fortune

At E-string, we also dispel this myth 100% ! It doesn't mean that to be sexy in your bedroom you have to spend a fortune! There are countless options in Sexy Underwear that can turn you white-faced! In addition, our Hot Offers are here for this very reason: so that everyone can feel wanted & lustful, without hesitation !

We believe that nothing else is needed to convince you that the time has come to get your own Super Sexy Underwear that will raise the level of your relationship !

Navigate now to E-string and find countless options in Sexy Underwear and Sexy accessories for nights of passion!

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