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5 new trends in women's underwear for 2022

5 new trends in women's underwear for 2022

5 new trends in women's underwear for 2022

Fashion comes in cycles and today we will inform you about the new fashion trends in women's underwear for this year. Every woman's style is very important to her, both in her clothes and in her underwear! These can give her confidence as well as comfort! But in order to create the perfect outfit, you must first start with the right choice of underwear.

What are the trends in women's underwear for 2022?

  1. Matching Sets

Underwear sets are now the new fashion trend. This applies both to the purchase of underwear and to the selection of clothes! Sets of any color combination are now the top choice of all women! Choose your favorite color and go around full of confidence!

  1. Vintage aesthetics

This season's No. 1 trend is underwear with vintage influences. High-waisted briefs , metallic shades and soft laces are some of this year's trends. These underwear are as sensual as they are comfortable and for these reasons so many women love them!

  1. Every day underwear

More and more women are starting to choose underwear more based on their everyday comfort. For this reason, bras without underwires have started to prevail, as well as cotton panties. This trend serves comfort in everyday life and the banelles are left for more special occasions.

  1. Large sizes

An important new trend for clothing as well as underwear is that every body type is acceptable. Thus, there has been a shift of designers to large sizes . Now in all brands there is a variety of designs, colors and styles in different cups so that each woman can choose what really suits her best and does not oppress her.

  1. Lace underwear

Lace gives a different and more provocative mood to any underwear. It has this transparency that intrigues the eye and suits all women in a unique way. That's why it's now a very common phenomenon to have a lot of lace underwear , even if they don't consist entirely of it.

Every woman has a unique personal style which is always expressed through her clothing choices. However, it would be a lie to say that fashion doesn't also influence our personal style. Therefore, the update on the trends of each season can very simply "snap" into everyone's style, without the individual losing his identity, but also becoming one with the choices of the mass. At we offer you a huge variety of underwear, and surely every woman will find the corresponding options that suit her. However, don't forget that sometimes it's nice to deviate a little from our usual options and try something different!

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