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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Bikini swimwear in the last decade

Bikini swimwear in the last decade

Bikini swimwear in the last decade

The bikini is the must have holiday item for every woman, regardless of style and body type . The bikini may have made its appearance many decades ago, but it never stopped being the ultimate swimwear, with inexhaustible variations , that once women could not even imagine.

The last decade finds bikini swimwear in a huge variety , which can really satisfy even the most demanding taste . With shorts, high waist or string-brazil bottom, with strapless, triangle or normal top, micro bikini or in sports style and of course plus size bikini .

At you will find women's bikini swimwear for every woman , in countless offers!

Sports swimsuit for ultimate comfort

Bikini swimwear in the last decade

Tuen bikini set in orange with black trim on the top and bottom. The sports bra and bottom in a regular line gives a perfect fit and absolute stability.


Sports _ swimsuits , like bikinis with shorts or high-waisted bottoms, are the best choice for you who want to feel safe wearing a bikini swimsuit, as they are comfortable and fit perfectly . The bra, instead of the "classic" upper part, will give you a perfect figure stability , so you don't have to worry about any accidents while swimming.

Full sexiness with a revealing Brazilian thong or micro bikini

Bikini swimwear in the last decade

Micro bikini with the signature of Obsessive in wild leopard print for unique looks on the beach.

The string-brazil and micro bikini swimsuits brought the "revolution" in swimwear because they turned an already sexy swimsuit, such as the bikini, into the definition of sexiness ! With countless proposals in monochrome or printed designs, with cuts , laces and other details that only go unnoticed on the beach, every woman can find what will make her feel more sensual than ever. And of course better tanned , because only the essentials are covered with this particular type of bikini .

Plus size bikini because the bikini belongs to everyone

Bikini swimwear in the last decade

Blue black bikini by Lorin with a fantastic bust and a bottom that uniquely embraces every part of the body.

In previous decades there was a " myth " about bikinis and one-piece swimsuits. The bikini is for thin and fit women who can show off their body, while the full body suits the chubby ones to be able to hide a few kilos . Of course, this is not the case and, fortunately, now every woman regardless of her body type, weight and unique curves can find fantastic plus sizes pieces that will highlight every point of her in the best way.


E -string loves every woman and every body type, that's why its rich collection is always renewed to meet everyone's needs and tastes of women . In the last decade the trend wants every woman to be able to find stylish and flattering bikinis through a multitude of options and highlight her femininity the way she wants, that's why e-string is the ultimate destination for you!

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