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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Dare to be Sexy with the New Babydoll for very Naughty Girls!

Women's Babydoll Penthouse Naughty Doll Pink PH18065

The moment to get a super sexy and at the same time romantic babydoll has arrived! Whether you have a partner at this time, or you enjoy your independence and have all the freedom for new experiences, this unique, girly style piece is perfect to raise the temperature and make you feel and be extra lusty! After all, self-confidence is the key! We here at E-string know this very well and we always take care of you!
Especially for a woman who knows what she wants and claims enjoyment and good time in her special moments, feeling comfortable and at the same time sexy in her underwear is the most important part! So, with a beautiful underwear that highlights the body and hugs you elegantly and sensually, you have taken the first step to boost your self-confidence!

The Penthouse Naughty Doll Babydoll has everything a woman would be looking for, whether she has worn sexy lingerie & nighties before, or is in her virgin stage. It wraps the body beautifully and highlights your curves, hiding any imperfection you imagine you have. After all, the secret is one: if you yourself believe in your beauty, then everyone around you will. So dare to wear something different from the norm and challenge your partner to a game for 2!

Starting at the bust, the Naughty Doll Babydoll has a gorgeous lace – we love lace!– that covers just the right amount, creating an erotic yet sophisticated vibe. The back is open, and its thin straps that rise and fall, flatter the body, while at the same time giving an excellent fit to every body type. Its finish is asymmetrical, an element that gives it an extra playful mood. Plus, those spikes at the bottom add movement and fit every curve like a glove! Of course, it features a matching thong for a complete, totally sexy look!

Are you ready for the next addition to your collection? Our suggestion is this: Try the Transparent Babydoll with lace details for a night of naughty play with your partner. Keep a modest, innocent girl profile at first and then enchant him with our amazing pink Babydoll, which transforms you into the Naughty Doll of his dreams...

For something a little more kinky, but keeping the concept of the innocent girl, we suggest you take a look at our wig collection! He will definitely not expect this and the surprise will definitely be very pleasant!

We think we've given you enough reasons to love the Pink Babydoll from E-string , Naughty Doll , by Penthouse. Navigate to our Eshop for more suggestions & combinations and we are sure that you too will love the world of Sexy Underwear Fashion!

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