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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Tips on how to choose the women's underwear that suits you

Tips on how to choose the women's underwear that suits you

Tips on how to choose the women's underwear that suits you

Many times we may ignore them, perhaps not give them due importance, or even consider that they do not play such a big role in our daily life. However, the right choice of underwear can be an important factor, both in style, in self-confidence, and in our personal hygiene and health, as much as we don't imagine. That's why we chose to refer to the most important categories of women's underwear that every woman has in her closet and wardrobe, and how they can change our everyday life!

Women's underwear : 3 types of underwear, 3 very different stories

Let's start with Boxers . A special category of underwear that undoubtedly many women prefer, and they certainly know something. First of all, these are underwear, which if nothing else, are extremely comfortable, rarely cause irritation and go perfectly with many outfits, thanks to their sophisticated cut and modern design! Many even consider them very sexy, especially if there is lace in their design!

Briefs & Brazil! Definitely one of the most loved by women and with a very wide variety too! Both for your daily use and for more special moments, briefs and brazils have always been the No. 1 choice in women's underwear for every moment! From the most difficult days during periods, when every woman will prefer the confidence of briefs, up to a particularly sexy night, a brazil can very well show off your trained buttocks! They are also the first choice in sports activities and in more relaxed moments at home, especially when it comes to underwear without seams, which prevent irritation and give a comfortable movement!

Finally, let's talk about Strings . A special category, but completely intertwined with sexy moments and ensembles, as for many women, their daily choice. For all those who want to feel sexy at all hours of the day, and for all those who enjoy a provocative look, thongs are the ultimate solution! Both in simple options and designs, as well as in elaborate designs with lace, with jewels, with rhinestones or ropes and anything else you can imagine, it is without a doubt the epitome of sexy, and it can comfortably match almost all of your outfits!

So which women's underwear do you prefer for your daily needs and activities? Do you want comfort, do you prefer to be sexy, or are you looking for the golden ratio somewhere in the middle? Write us your comments and send us any questions or topics you'd like to know more about on our Facebook page! You can always find your next underwear exclusively at with new options and new deliveries in women's underwear for every type!

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