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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

What your underwear says about your personality

What your underwear says about your personality

What your underwear says about your personality!

To choose underwear it will either take you too much time or too little time. But let's admit that most invest a lot of time until they find the right underwear. Each one of them has power, makes you feel sexy and also, perfectly serves its purpose!

Wasn't your time wasted after all? Definitely not. Every piece in your drawer says a lot about you. Your character and your mood are reflected in the underwear you have just chosen.

Almost everything has come and gone in fashion over time. But every woman has her preference for a certain type. This does not mean, however, that she will exclusively wear underwear from this category! A self-respecting underwear drawer has many different underwear and accessories, for many uses and needs! But what does this show about you?

Garters - garters and corsets

Those of you who make the above choices are definitely bold. Control is your dominant element and you have passion and sexiness, as few! The selection of specific underwear is frequent and you probably have more than one piece in your drawer!

Full body pantyhose - sexy bodysuits

Explosion! These underwear are attention grabbers and you know that better than anyone! They still show how well you know your body, but also the appropriate way to show off your femininity!

It is important to give the texture the proper attention! This becomes evident as lace underwear, whichever type you choose, gives a different feeling! Romance, strength, sexiness and sensitivity are some of the elements that it can generously offer you! What is certain is that it will give you quality and this shows that you know how to be careful what you choose!

The type you choose is not the only thing that shows your personality and mood, but in combination with the color, they are the best advisors and indicators of your character!


No one can disagree that red is the color of passion and whoever chooses it is & feels sure of herself!


The most popular color, by far! Surely your black underwear is enough to wear every day without ever running out! Black signifies strength, charm, but it is also a safe choice, with which many women feel completely comfortable and familiar!


It is misunderstood the color of innocence! In the past, colors were limited and any woman wearing anything other than white did not indicate innocence. Gone forgotten, thankfully! So white these days conveys a message of new challenges and out-of-the-box options!

Animal prints and colored

These options look more girly but they are by no means just for little girls! It is the choice of women who can provoke, arouse interest, panic, and again, at the end of the day, return to their comfortable and cozy everyday life!

But it is good to focus on the most important! In everything a woman chooses underwear that makes her feel beautiful, strong and comfortable, wherever she is! And at we have the right options to put it into practice, every moment of your day! Come here and discover them all!

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