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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

What underwear drives men crazy

What underwear drives men crazy

What underwear drives men crazy?

Yes, we choose our underwear usually based on our own taste and style . But it's also important to choose underwear that drives our partners crazy. After all, apart from comfort, we are also interested in how they make us feel !

Sexy, sensual and full of confidence !

Generally there are many types women's underwear and at you will discover a huge variety of options, for your every moment! And every moment of you!

According to a research, it seems that the underwear a woman chooses to wear has a big impact on how a man sees her in general, but also in bed in particular! The vast majority of men and women agree that underwear affects how attractive they find their partner. More than half of men say they are also influenced by how attractive a woman's underwear is.

So what are the underwear that turn men on?

Research has shown that men prefer more than anything else in a woman when she wears a set of underwear ( same color and pattern ). And in fact, combined with a pair of similar high socks or suspenders.

Also choose simple colors . Black, red or a hint of color that matches your body is very sexy! They want what you wear to hug your body without distracting them!

Choose the right size. It's not sexy at all to see you trying to put your bra straps or underwear in place! Pulling and collecting them is something they don't like at all.

No to complexity. An underwear that they don't know how to tie and how to take off kills their mood. Being asked , how is it going ? it makes them feel stupid. Do not assume that at that time they can break the Gordian knot. Choose simple lines or else be prepared to strip yourself. Although this is also a good and nice preliminary

Brazilian & String : Apparently they remind them of exotic Latinas! If your strong point is your buttocks choose this cut and give it the best view! Avoid synthetic fabrics and cotton and prefer lace instead .

The slides are here to stay! Be sure that this underwear is the star of men's preferences. Why; Because you look modest, without being! Transparencies on the front and back of the underwear and also on the bra. They will love it!

You asked, we answered! Follow our advice and you will definitely impress and satisfy your partner to the fullest with your choice of underwear! See all our sexy and provocative options , which will surely drive your men crazy, and have fun !

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