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5 things you should pay attention to before buying underwear

5 things you should pay attention to before buying underwear

5 things you should pay attention to before buying underwear !

Shopping for underwear should be an enjoyable and fun process for all women. But in order to enjoy our shopping, we must have noticed some things beforehand! Here at, we have prepared a mini guide for all women, on how to make the right choice of underwear for themselves, but a unique inspiration for all sizes, for all body types and for all moods !

At we know very well the important role that underwear plays for our body, the comfort of our movements, our appearance and also our psychology! For these very reasons we have prepared a complete guide with useful tips that will help every woman make smart and correct purchases!

  1. Perfect application

The fit of the underwear on our body plays a decisive role in whether they are the right choice for us! Every body type is different and obviously not all underwear fits us all the same. That's why if you find a Brand that you are satisfied with its application, prefer it again in the future! Choose the right underwear for you, the ones that show the most elasticity and offer comfort, whenever you choose them!

  1. The correct number counts

Our bodies are constantly changing, especially as we grow older, and at each period of our lives it is noticeably different. So we need to consider what is the right size for us before buying underwear. Most women buy underwear thinking they know their size or that their size will always stay the same. An at-home measurement can help you ascertain your measurements and shop accordingly. This way you avoid big or very small underwear, which can be very uncomfortable.

  1. All based on weather

Weather conditions naturally play a role in our mood and our choices. When buying new underwear we always have to consider the weather. Leather underwear is definitely not the best choice for summer and we can all imagine why! Instead, now that the weather is warming up, our choices are turning to hotter and lacy options.

  1. Color options

A key detail that you should always keep in mind when shopping for underwear is their color! Whichever underwear you buy, the color plays a particularly important role in the final result! Blacks, reds, pinks, whites, purples, and whatever color you prefer, are some of the endless options we offer here at E-string. Every complexion pairs differently with other colors and you need to find which one suits yours, but more importantly find which one you like best. An underwear can give you a lot of confidence, so always choose according to your own tastes and preferences!

  1. Appropriate Material

Of course, it is very important to pay attention to the construction material! In general, cotton is characterized as the best choice for our skin! It is light while allowing the skin to breathe and has a soft texture. However, cotton absorbs moisture and is not suitable for gymnastics. You can find a huge range of options at and choose the best one for you depending on the occasion you want to use it!

Complete your shopping with the most suitable and beneficial options for you and see your psychology rise to another level! For unique choices in underwear in all sizes and in infinite different colors, visit our e-shop and start shopping now!

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