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E-string #blog

Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Car String - Everything you want to know!

Car String - Everything you want to know!

Car String - Everything you want to know!

Car thongs , or otherwise ouvert, or open crotch, or sensual underwear, or however you've heard them, are the women's underwear that you definitely want to have for your very special moments. Their most special feature is the open crotch , which is very helpful at the exact moment when practicality is the most important element of underwear.

They are called so, as they are very convenient for use in the car , where space is limited and it is not necessary to take off all your clothes. The open String car is mainly combined with a skirt or dress, for obvious reasons of course!

There are different types of underwear with an open crotch (car underwear) . Most feature a subtle and well-hidden opening at the bottom. This opening is more of a slit than a hole. So sometimes it is not easy as almost not visible to understand that a woman is wearing panties with an open crotch. But there are also car strings with larger openings. These are very sexy and provocative , but leave little to the imagination!

However, their sexy appearance is not the only reason we choose them. Their practicality in all those moments when there is no time or space to remove the briefs, is the most important factor in choosing them! Also, these women's underwear have an imaginative sensual design. Sometimes they are sewn with lace accents and satin bows, and others with a very minimal design. And sometimes their provocative line with laces, creates impressive openings that provoke the senses and can certainly create a sensual atmosphere!

Sex in the car was, is and will remain a frequent fantasy of men and women! However, necessity is sometimes what leads many couples to use the car for these activities, due to lack of their own space. From this frequent use of open crotch underwear, the name car string slowly emerged and its popularity spread from there.

Go to and see all the options for open crotch strings , simply and quickly with one click! Make your favorite design your own and try its practicality!

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