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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

All in one, with the sexy Passion Malwia plus size underwear set

All in one, with the sexy Passion Malwia plus size underwear set

Kinky? Sexy? Spicy? All in one, with the sexy Passion Malwia plus size underwear set!

So for you who want the ultimate in your plus size sexy underwear, for you who always want to combine style & quality, for you who want your sexy underwear set to be unique like no other, and obviously for you who prefer something spicy and kinky don't go anywhere! The sexy Passion Malwia plus size underwear set is waiting for you to become yours, combining all those elements you were looking for, at a price and quality you never imagined!

How sexy can a sexy plus size underwear set be?

The answer is a lot, and even more specific, as your mind can put it, and even more! And it is reasonable to ask us: Yes, but how can this be done? So the answer to this was given by Passion, and specifically, the sexy set of plus size underwear Passion Malwia , which came to make a dynamic entry on, stealing the looks and impressions from all of you who want a spark of sexiness in your not so everyday choices in plus size underwear!


Fire not in red, but in black, and in one of the kinkiest options you have in your drawer, but always for a good reason! And dermatin plays one of the most decisive roles in this! Ropes, leatherette, exposed skin and a hot thong, are just a few of the impressive details, which you can't ignore in the sexy plus size lingerie set Passion Malwia, and you shouldn't either! Passion has created an ensemble with the ultimate sexy look in mind, with a bandeau bra that ties very impressively with ropes, leaving the upper part of the chest exposed, giving a look so powerful that no one will be able to ignore! Especially when she sees it paired beautifully with the matching thong, with ropes that tie the front to the back ending in a thong, creating one of the hottest underwear sets you've ever owned!

The sexy plus size lingerie set Passion Malwia is without a doubt one of the hottest plus size sexy lingerie sets on the Greek market right now! And if you still have your doubts, the very first test will convince you! Enter E-string,gr, make it yours, and enjoy it at the first opportunity, and surely, the result will justify you!

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