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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

The must sexy underwear you should wear for the ideal Saturday night

The must sexy underwear you should wear for the ideal Saturday night

The must sexy underwear you should wear for the ideal Saturday night at home!

Saturday night is coming, but you have other plans than going out for a drink! You want to stay in, both of you to impress him, and it's time to choose the perfect underwear that will set your bedroom on fire! If you are looking for something unique and super hot to make your Saturday night the most romantic day of the year, then you're in the right place!

We have collected for you the most kinky and daring underwear that will make this night unforgettable for both of you. Black or red colors, satin, lace, transparencies, bold cuts, openings and impressive designs, are just some of the options that will fill you with confidence and make you irresistible!

The hottest of them all

#1 Sexy leotard : If you also want something different and wilder, then a fiery red leotard is the best for you! Lace, with thin straps and openings at the back, they look perfect! This women's bodysuit Red Temptation is easy to put on, and even easier to take off!

#2Underwear Set: Black Vinyl underwear with thin straps, garter belt and matching thong! If you're going to live on the edge and give your partner endless hours of pleasure this Saturday night, then don't overthink it! Dominate the bed and show who has the upper hand!

#3 Corsets : The next level of the hottest Saturday night, is a red corset, which combined with an extra mini string will set this unique night on fire! It is comfortable to wear, it fits perfectly on the body and it goes without saying that it is a must have have underwear for all those special nights with your partner.

#4 Babydoll : For those of you who love to show off your curves, a unique babydoll is made for you! And red, and transparent and with lace! Great sexy and bold, a red babydoll like this is a hot choice that will definitely not go unnoticed!

#5 Sexy Accessories: And it goes without saying that the sexy accessories that will frame the rest of the ensemble could not be missing from the list! Choose from stockings, chest decorations, vibrating underwear, masks, gloves and much more, and take your night to another level ! We know , they are more kinky , but they are worth it! Combine your underwear with any accessory of your choice and soar your libido and your mood to the heights, for a Saturday night that none of you have experienced before!


The only sure thing is that whatever underwear you choose to wear this evening, it will be a perfect gift to make every night a celebration of lovers! Don't wait any longer, take a look at E - string . gr , see all our delicious suggestions, and leave your partner in awe!

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