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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Everything you need to know about babydolls

Everything you need to know about babydolls

Everything you need to know about babydolls

The babydoll remains an essential part of the wardrobe for anyone who loves sexy & sensual underwear. Suitable for everything from seduction to sleep, babydolls are the perfect addition to your lingerie collection, offering a choice that's both comfortable and sexy at the same time. They're also suitable for almost any body type and with so many great designs available, it's really easy to find the perfect babydoll to suit your needs!

With a versatile design that covers all body types, this naughty negligee has a history that goes back decades, and while there have been various changes and improvements over the years, its basic babydoll concept remains mostly unchanged! This shows how timeless a proper babydoll can be! Made from lightweight fabrics, the sleeveless nightgown is usually short and loose, ready to hug your body and turn your blood on fire!

Why do we love women's babydolls ?

Perhaps the best reason we love babydolls is their versatility. Simply put, you won't find many underwear that are comfortable and sexy at the same time! As a nightgown, its comfortable fit, short length and lack of sleeves offer plenty of comfort for all those warm nights. Of course, as a negligee it remains a seductive garment that can be used to set the perfect mood for an evening of love and romance. Whether you want to seduce your partner, celebrate a special occasion in style or just feel sexy about yourself, a babydoll stands out from every other piece! What's more, the babydoll is suitable for every body shape, regardless of your weight, height or build, accentuating your body in all the right ways you want!

Choosing the right Babydoll

Not sure what to look for when buying a babydoll? Here are some things you should definitely consider:

  1. What is its Purpose?

Think about why you are buying this sexy underwear! As sexy sleepwear to seduce your partner or to celebrate a special occasion? Recognizing the purpose will make finding the perfect babydoll for your needs much easier!

  1. What do you want to show off?

We all have parts of our body that we love and want to show off. On the contrary, we also have parts that we would prefer not to highlight at every opportunity. Consider each of them and use them to find the babydoll style that suits you!

  1. Don't focus too much on size

Babydoll sizes are not the same as other types of underwear. The style tends to affect the fit more than anything else, with some designed to be loose fitting and others more figure hugging. So don't focus too much on item sizes, but look for styles that accentuate your figure.

Babydolls create a unique aesthetic, while maintaining their sexy and comfortable character. They often tend to lead to a night of passion and romance in the bedroom! As with any babydoll, you can use it for seduction or just to sleep, so the decision is entirely up to you! If you prefer the first (and we recommend it) know that there are also provocative sexy babydolls, intended for those who want to leave a little to the imagination and to create a uniquely seductive look that will stand out!

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