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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Sexy Lingerie Guide

Sexy Lingerie Guide

Sexy Lingerie Guide

Why choose sexy underwear instead of classic and everyday underwear? Firstly, because they will definitely enhance your femininity, confidence and dynamism, with so many different styles of underwear to choose from, you will easily find the perfect ones to achieve this! And then, because if you do it right, it will empower you, give you more confidence and increase your level of sexual desire, even more than you yourself might have thought!

Wearing sexy underwear under a formal suit at work, or a more formal outfit, gives a sense of hidden eroticism and mischief, while maintaining your refined profile, without anyone getting the slightest bit of news! This quick guide to sexy lingerie will cover each of the different styles, which can either be worn under your clothes or at home on full display.

Types of sexy underwear

Preparing for a fun look starts with feeling confident in your body, as there are so many different types of sexy lingerie, from babydolls to corsets, and everything in between. Sexy lingerie has the ability to accentuate all your curves while giving you a huge confidence boost! If you think choosing the right sexy lingerie will be easy, think again. It's not just about choosing a bra and matching underwear. That's why we created this guide for every different type of underwear!

  1. Underwear Set

Underwear is not the marriage of a single sexy bra and underwear together, it is the art of style and femininity. Underwear sets can be purchased individually or as a complete set! Usually, an underwear set includes a matching bra and briefs or thong, but it's not that simple, as there are many types of bras, such as push up, strapless, etc. Then there are different types of underwear like briefs, thongs, shorts and more. Then it's time to choose which color makes you feel sexiest! In addition to the different set styles and colors, you will then choose the texture(s) that will make you feel beautiful, glamorous, feminine! There is the sexy lace that will add glamor to your look or there are beautiful embroidered designs and details that will make you feel feminine yet sensual at the same time. Every woman has the opportunity to feel sexy and empowered.

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  1. Bodysuits

A bodysuit is basically like a one piece swimsuit. It's like a bodysuit with the difference that it ends at the top of the legs. It can be worn as a t-shirt or even through some jeans or trousers. When you wear it under your other clothes, the main advantage is that there are no creases or visible lines when you wear pants on top. Although this type of underwear sounds innocent and sweet, you'd be wrong if you thought it was always like this! The bodysuit is actually a very seductive and alluring piece that can drastically change the image of your wardrobe! The bodysuit accentuates your figure to make you look taller and with longer and more impressive legs! Its material stretches all the way from the shoulders to the crotch. You can find bodysuits in various forms and materials such as cotton, net, silk and even lace! They do not shape the body, but conform to the shape of your body, embracing all your natural curves. Especially when they manage and emphasize your hips for your very sexy looks! There are many different cuts in a bodysuit, some have less material around the hips to accentuate your shape and make the legs look longer than they are. From the top half, the bodysuit can also have a plunging neckline that perfectly accentuates the bust! Out of all the different styles of underwear, bodysuits are the sexiest and most provocative of all the underwear you can choose! If you are confident about your figure, then the bodysuit can prove to be your most powerful weapon!

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  1. Babydoll

Babydoll is a lightweight nightie that is usually cut & stops just above your thigh. A common element for most babydolls is their beautiful & airy material, which gives them a really erotic mood and a playful and girly look! Babydolls work really well for women with small breasts as they tend to have pads, making the breasts look fuller and rounder in shape! It's also a great choice for women who don't want to emphasize their hips! This is due to the material as well as their design, as the Babydoll rolls from the chest down making even women's shoulders appear narrower.

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Have you found the ideal sexy underwear for you? If not, you probably haven't discovered the new arrivals from yet! See them all exclusively at and get them where they will make you feel more impressive and glamorous than ever before!

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