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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

Hot & Bold – The impressive Obsessive Laluna Teddy

Hot & Bold – The impressive Obsessive Laluna Teddy

Hot & Bold – The impressive Obsessive Laluna Teddy

Bring warmth to the cold winter with the new Obsessive Laluna Teddy bodysuit! Create the right conditions to make all your evenings unforgettable with a bodysuit that can change in an instant everything you were looking for from a bodysuit! Black, sensual and impressive, the Laluna Teddy bodysuit is here to show off your body like never before! Wear it to impress your partner or simply to feel your sexiest self!

Obsessive Laluna Teddy is the black bodysuit that will suit every woman!

Underwear are always the last pieces we take off, in our most special moments, and for good reason of course! They create both a sense of anticipation and excitement just before we find ourselves completely naked with our partner! Their aim is to hide as little as they can so that the "gluttonous" eye can see as much as it can to get enough, without of course not giving a hint of anticipation and cunning in their entirety! The Obsessive Laluna Teddy black bodysuit serves exactly that purpose! A hot black bra that joins the bottom of the underwear, to provide a unique visual effect, which certainly, has not many like it! Also, its lace fabric pleasantly touches the whole body up to the crotch, which is open, for even more provocative thoughts and actions! The brazil on the back features a very special design, which some would consider highly erotic and suitable for an explosively great night! Finally, sexy suspenders are part of the Laluna Teddy ensemble to add even more sexiness & a special tone to an already special night!

The ultimate bodysuit that every woman would like to own, you can now make it yours exclusively from! It suits every body type and can make any woman feel incredibly sexy when wearing it! After all, sensuality and sex appeal have no number! So dress up in your sexiest version with the Obsessive bodysuit, and feel wonderfully beautiful and full of confidence every time you wear it! Enchant your partner with your provocative choices and your femininity and cause absolute destruction!

Choose something different and renew your lingerie collection to express your sexy self and fiery personality, both for Valentine's Day and for any special occasion! All you have to do is go to e-string and check out all our interesting options, from sexy lingerie sets to babydolls and bodysuits! The rest, you can just leave to your imagination!

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