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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

5 Trends in sexy underwear for 2023

5 Trends in sexy underwear for 2023

5 Trends in sexy underwear for 2023

Sexy lingerie , as you well know, is not just another piece of your wardrobe, but a way to feel and look sexy and confident, at every possible opportunity! So sexy underwear is not just an addition to your drawer, but another way to feel unique, special and definitely impressive! And now that 2023 is here, it's also an opportunity to renew, with 5 trends that will steal impressions like never before:


  1. Materials that respect the environment. Respect for the environment is now a non-negotiable responsibility and obligation of everyone, in every industry but also in every sector of clothing and fashion. Sexy underwear is no exception, which is why more and more brands are adopting and using sustainable materials, with a low carbon footprint and environmentally friendly, both for your own skin and body, but also to preserve the future and the world clean for future generations!

  2. Bold colors and prints. Bright colors in sexy underwear are not a new trend, but every year they come to support and strengthen the previous one, with new shades and impressive prints, which not only do not tire, but also give the opportunity to new colors to stand out, such as the shades of red and blue, new shades of brown, but also prints such as animal prints, and subtractive patterns to really find what suits you.

  3. Lace and Organza. They are all-time classic choices for fabrics in sexy lingerie, and for good reason they are not going to stop there! They are the textures that give femininity, the textures that give romance, but also the textures that are married with the concept of sexy, without discounts!

  4. Strapless and open back options. Yes, you see very well, it is the trend that will prevail from end to end in 2023, with increasingly daring options without straps, or with transparencies but also open back, a choice that makes every woman special, and can give an even more impressive touch of uniqueness to every set of sexy underwear.

  5. Mix n' match! In order not to get confused and limited by sets and ensembles, start the variations! Enter the game of mix n' matching in your sexy underwear and mix textures, colors, styles, fabrics, cuts and much more, without fear but with a lot of passion!

Whatever trend you follow, don't be afraid of one thing, because it's the trend you'll always follow: give your sexy underwear your personal touch with style, comfort and opinion, as always! Whether you prefer a classic look, or you prefer a modern, even extreme look, at we have the solution to make your sexy underwear more unique than ever!

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