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The top 5 swimwear trends for summer 22

The top 5 swimwear trends for summer 22

The top 5 swimwear trends for summer 22.

Okay you'll tell us it's still April, but who can bring the summer out of her? Our heart is always in the summer, the beaches, the sun you are lying on and the cool cocktails! Our mind, on the other hand, is on the look we will choose to go to the beach and which swimsuit will suit us best!

Anyway, it's cold and even a few days ago it was snowing, I think it's time to see together the top trends for the summer of 2022! is by your side this summer to create the hottest look ever! Our women's swimwear collection has been renewed and is waiting for you to discover it!

Chanel may have held its summer 2022 show and put pressure on all things global fashion, but we won't get into that. Besides, something to keep in mind is that trends are always indicative. Whatever makes you feel beautiful is the best trend and the ideal choice for you!

So let's see together the top trends for the coming summer!

Sports swimwear

It may have a sporty style but we assure you that femininity is preserved intact! The main differences with previous years are the application of high-waisted swimsuits with a sports bra. We should also mention that classic bikinis and one-pieces have not gone out of fashion for another year, nor are they going to go away anytime soon!

High-waisted swimwear

To be honest, high-waisted swimwear came back into fashion a few years ago and has been around ever since! They are still on trend because they suit everyone, flatter the body and body imperfections and offer elegance from another era!

The bright colors.

Usually swimsuits with these are preferred for the end of summer when you will have already achieved the tan you wanted so much. Orange, yellow, green and neon colors are the must for this year.

The Monokinis.

Simply put, it's a bikini joined in one piece! This trend was missing for almost a decade. We mentioned Chanel at the beginning of the article, now it's time for another celebrity to push the industry. The reason for Paris Hilton. But the monokini is sure to emphasize your body and give you a unique style.

The sexy swimwear.


Sexy swimwear couldn't be missing from our list! We give you options to be sexy all year round, we wouldn't leave you like this for the summer! Summer is the time to reveal more of your body. This year's number one trend in sexy swimwear is again brazilics. At you will find a large collection of bras as well as thong brazilian swimwear. But sexiness is always in fashion and we also recommend full body sexy swimsuits and micro bikinis so you have many options for this year.

So what are you waiting for to be sexy & impressive again this summer? If you are waiting for super designs and new arrivals at super prices, we are here for you! Stop looking any further and start discovering the sexiest swimwear of 2022 exclusively here!

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