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10 tips to choose the perfect underwear for your body type

10 tips to choose the perfect underwear for your body type

10 tips to choose the perfect underwear for your body type

The underwear we choose each time is always a personal and special choice for each occasion and it is very important to feel comfortable and confident no matter what you wear!

But with so many options, different styles, sizes and materials to choose from, the final choice can leave you disoriented and not knowing what to choose in the end.

That's why at we have prepared a complete guide with 10 tips to find the ideal choice of underwear for you!

See how to find the perfect women's underwear for your needs!

  1. Discover your body type and which category you belong to

Whether you are an apple body type, pear body type, hourglass body type or a more rectangular shape? Whichever category you fall into, it's important to understand your body type so you can find the right underwear that flatters your figure and highlights your strengths!

  1. Count

It is important before you find the ideal underwear, to know exactly what your size is ! Even better, be sure to check underwear you already have from brands you already know, to avoid mistakes!

  1. You know what material you like, so head there!

Lace, synthetic, cotton and more can be useful, but not what you want for the occasion! Or you might need something even more special like leather, or satin textures! See which one fits the situation and set a goal there!

  1. Think about the support you want, especially from your bra.

If you have a larger bust, the underwear you choose should reflect it, so that you are comfortable and can easily make all your movements! Or the opposite, for women with smaller breasts, a smaller cup size is ideal, you can also choose reinforcement, to boost the specific point a bit!

  1. Pay attention to the fit of the underwear!

It is of the utmost importance that the underwear you choose perfectly matches your body type, so that it listens and feels your body in the best way! This means that it will hug the body and you will feel comfortable every time you wear it!

  1. Style will make the difference!

If you prefer something romantic , provocative , or just something everyday, it will play a big role in your choice! But don't forget that the underwear you choose should always reflect your personality !

  1. This also leads us to the occasion for which you choose the underwear!

It's different to choose underwear for your first night, for the one year anniversary, for the wedding night, or just for a relaxing SK at home after an exhausting week!

  1. Always look for top quality in underwear!

You might pay a bit more for it sometimes, but it will definitely be worth it. You will see that you will get an underwear that will follow you for years, but above all, it will help you enjoy it for years, like the first time!

  1. Never forget your comfort!

Even if you combine all of the above, if your underwear isn't comfortable, there's no point in buying it, let alone wearing it, because you won't be happy with it!

  1. And finally, experiment!

Don't be afraid to try the new, to escape from everything you are used to, and above all, to break the molds and labels! Try, combine, enjoy and do your best for your underwear and your self-confidence to feel sexier than ever every day!

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