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Everything you want to know about sexy lingerie and more!

How to show off your curves. Underwear in plus sizes!

Large sizes

In recent years, the feminine standard of womanhood has shifted to one that says a sexy woman should have curves. Of course, that's not enough! A woman looks perfect and sexy when she has curves and knows how to show them off. For those women who find it difficult to achieve this, here are some helpful facts.

The first and most basic step in how to show off your curves is the word underwear. The right underwear automatically highlights your femininity and emphasizes your positive features. On top, a push up bra is all you need to accentuate your breasts, perfectly outlining your torso. If possible choose something in a strapless style. At the bottom, choose something sensual and partially revealing, to emphasize the element of eroticism and sensuality. Even if you have a few extra pounds to spare, you can find plus size underwear at many stores that have just the right pieces for you.

Wear a stylish blouse that is comfortable and stylish. Make sure it is neither too tight nor too wide. Even if you need to hide your extra pounds, the clothing should help in this direction and not visually intensify the problem area, nor should it leave to the imagination what is underneath (when the clothing is too loose ). In plus size lingerie stores, you will be able to find tops , blouses, bodysuits, or blouse dresses, which will be suitable for your body and will highlight your curves and your femininity in the best way. In the specific products, find those that have an elegant design and are close to your style.

Choose a comfortable pair of jeans (preferably high-waisted) that fit your body, gently hugging your hips and thighs, without squeezing you and showing unsightly spots (such as buns, etc.). If you're a fan of skirts, choose something about knee length. However, not something too short. Also, the style of the skirt should not be too loose, but not too tight either. Choose beautiful combinations for your skirt and top , in dark colors. If you want to wear a dress, the same applies to the length of the skirt, but you can also combine a beautiful wide belt (maybe with elastic) that will hug your waist.

Watch your paint! Your elegant outfit will go for a walk if you paint very strongly and choose vivid colors in the shadow or lipstick. Prefer something more earthy and pale, that looks natural and charming. If a characteristic of yours is your strong point, give it more emphasis. For example, if you have a large and beautiful breast, emphasize it with an impressive neckline and raise your self-confidence to the highest level! After all, flaunting your curves is about believing in yourself and feeling good about your body.

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