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  • Black Bows Body 8089-Red
    Black Bows Body 8089-Red

    Black Bows Body 8089-Red

    Brand: SLP Model:8089-Red Availability: In Stock
    Price: 19.00€ 24.00€
    Based on 0 reviews.

    Obtain the fiery temperament of the red leotard Black Bows Body and reignite your relationship with your partner, the best way! 
    The leotard has thin straps, which fall in the low back, leaving her back bare and continues applying to your body type.

    In the middle of having three black satin bows, causing a beautiful contrast of black and red. 
    The back of the reserves, as the middle cross black laces and brazil cut ends in the buttocks. It features open crotch! 
    It comes in your place in a discreet and luxurious packaging, so you can easily donate!

  • Casmir VIRGINIA
    Casmir VIRGINIA

    Casmir VIRGINIA

    Brand: Casmir Model:Virginia Availability: In Stock
    Price: 36.80€ 45.00€
    Based on 0 reviews.

    The body- Casmir VIRGINIA, is the ideal choice to make a pleasant surprise partner and to commemorate an anniversary or a festive day my worth to give your partner a unique gift! 
    The bodysuit is black transparent fabric and includes red designs. 
    The bodice has two thin black strips of fabric adorned with small red satin very thin strips of fabric but all the rest remains completely bare chest. 
    Remains uncovered and the average while the lower part, bears designs of red satin fabric strips. 
    The bodysuit made ​​from Polish company named as key materials: 
    87% Poliamid 
    13% Elastan lace Spain 
    tulle Italy 
    Find all possible sizes through our online store

  • Red Bows Body 8089-Black
    Red Bows Body 8089-Black

    Red Bows Body 8089-Black

    Brand: SLP Model:8089-Black Availability: In Stock
    Price: 19.00€ 24.00€
    Based on 0 reviews.

    Μοναδικό δαντελένιο μαύρο κορμάκι με τρεις κόκκινους φιόγκους στο μπροστινό μέρος και κόκκινη κορδέλα στο πίσω.

    Διαθέτει ρυθμιζόμενες τιράντες για καλύτερη εφαρμογή και ανοιχτό καβάλο Ελληνικής κατασκευής!

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